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How To Keep Your Company Files Secure

Cybersecurity attacks are a threat among businesses—both large and small—but there are ways to keep your company’s files secure. You can improve your data security in several different ways that are relatively low cost with their installation. A little extra security can go a long way to keep financials, business contracts, and client information from being stolen or copied.

External Hard drives

The major benefit of external hard drives is the ability to store sensitive documents on portable devices without having to leave them on any single work computer. Computers run the risk of being compromised by outside parties and can gain access to files saved to that computer’s hard drive. By keeping the most important documents separate, cyber thieves cannot access what is not networked to the system.

Potential Shortcomings

While it is secure to have it separate from the local network, your hard drive is still vulnerable to physical theft. Keeping sensitive files separate can also be inconvenient and hard to access for employees quickly if the data is not kept in the company’s system.

Cloud Storage

Going in the opposite direction of physical storage, cloud saving has its advantages but is only as secure as the company that is providing the service. Using secured HTTP and routinely changing the password are also necessary steps that you can implement to prevent data theft. Research what company you are partnering with to ensure they have a history of strong protection against hacking attacks.

Your Company’s Security in Another’s Hands

The disadvantages are obvious; as stated, your files are secure as long as the third-party company is on top of their security protocols. If they are not, then you are compromised as well.

Sharing Files Through Cables

While it can be more convenient to connect computers through wireless means, data traveling through the air is far more susceptible to security breaches than wired connections. When traveling through a wireless connection, if potential hackers have access to your network, then they can easily intercept data. This is in contrast to wired connections, where no one can steal documents unless they are physically interfacing with the computers.

A Tangle of Wires

It may not be the most convenient set up to have every device wired to one another. Many technical difficulties can arise, but knowledge of troubleshooting techniques can mitigate the difficulty.

Integrity of Files

Take your file security seriously. There is always sensitive documentation that should be kept private, and data leaks can harm your company’s image and shake client confidence. Knowing how to keep your company files secure is just another aspect of business management that you must implement.

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Written by Logan Voss

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