Best Welding Projects for Beginners

There are many different materials welders can create, which is why some beginners struggle to find the perfect starter project. Luckily, novice welders can hone their skills through some beneficial tasks. If you’re searching for the best welding projects for beginners, peruse the list below to find some suitable candidates.

Welding Table

A great go-to for a welder’s first project is a welding table. First, grab some steel and weld a box shape. For this, you’ll need around 12 separate pieces of metal—four to construct the base, four to contract the tabletop, and four more to act as support pieces connecting the base and top. Use additional steel pieces to fill in the open area between the four pieces acting as the tabletop frame.

Using separate pieces instead of one large metal slab is more beneficial because it gives you space for clamping, which is crucial for welding. For additional support, install a steel rod underneath the tabletop pieces, stretching each one’s length to provide consistent security.


Avoid steel sheets for creating the welding table, but definitely have them around for making a firepit. A firepit is an easy-to-construct centerpiece for anyone’s backyard. Carefully weld four steel sheets into the pit’s shape, using a fifth sheet to create the base. After using a handful of short steel rods to weld structural support, you can weld the support frame and the pit together, completing a project that will come in handy on cool evenings.

Storage Rack

A storage rack is a great project for novice weldersbecause of its many potential applications. You can design a storage rack for welding gear, home décor, and other personal belongings. A shelf can go in the bathroom, garage, bedroom, and many areas around the home. Weld some steel tubes into your frame, slide some wooden shelves onto the frame, then you’ve got yourself a suitable storage rack.

Beginners can also make a storage rack for firewood to go along with the aforementioned firepit. It takes two u-shaped metal pieces, and you can connect them by welding two cross-supports near the bottom. Simple, straightforward, and super helpful for bonfires.

Thanks to this breakdown of the best welding projects for beginners, you can make your first project a fulfilling one. There are many at-home welding projects worth trying out, so take some time to find the best choice for you, whether it be a fresh fire pit, stylish lawn art, or something else entirely. 

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Written by Logan Voss

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