Biggest Challenges Interior Designers Face

Interior designing can be a great gig for anyone interested; bringing a homeowner’s vision to life is incredibly creatively fulfilling. Still, beginners should be aware of the bumps they can expect along the way. If you’re curious about breaking into the industry, read this list to learn the biggest challenges interior designers face.

Time Management

The life of an interior designer is a hectic one, especially if you don’t have the best time management skills. With deadlines always lingering on the horizon, the rush to get a pile of tasks done each day can be overwhelming. Luckily, beginners will soon learn that improving their time management skills can bring some organization and clarity to their operation.

That said, even interior designers who are great with time management often find themselves facing quick turnarounds with projects. Although quick turnarounds can be stressful, they give you a chance to pull out all the stops and truly hone your time management skills.

Convincing Customers

Not only do you have to sell your brand to clients, but you also have to sell them on your ideas. Most homeowners you work with won’t understand how colors, fabrics, and other design choices will affect each room’s overall atmosphere and mood. As a result, it can be tough selling customers with only a floor plan and a handful of pictures. So, make your presentation a bit more interactive. For example, there are many throw pillow fabrics for improving homes, but simply saying their names isn’t enough. Get some fabric samples so your clients can feel them, giving a clearer context to why you’re suggesting throws in the first place. 

Customer Expectations

You’ll face different types of clients in the interior design industry. Sometimes, a homeowner will have a very particular, lavish vision they want to bring to life. On the other hand, you’ll come across customers who don’t have details in mind but want the room to feel “cozy” or “relaxing.” Whoever you’re working with, managing clients’ expectations is crucial and, at times, quite hard.

Some homeowners have incredibly high expectations, and although you should follow high standards, it’s very important to keep those expectations realistic every step of the way. Not all clients will understand the money and resources involved in interior design, so designers should educate them early on in the project.

As you can see, the biggest challenges interior designers face aren’t too different from challenges consistently faced in various industries across the world. This list isn’t here to scare you away from the interior designer field but to prepare you for the bumps any professional encounters. By honing your skills with these challenges in mind, you can find effective solutions quickly. 

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Written by Logan Voss

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