How To Break a Sedentary Lifestyle

Getting stuck in a pattern of remaining sedentary can be greatly detrimental to your health. Knowing how to break a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon every weekend; you can do simple activities around the home or some light exercises. For the times you find yourself in the house with little to do, think of a few ways to inject some activity to get moving.

Taking Casual Walks

One of the most popular ways to begin fighting your sedentary habits is to go out for a walk around the neighborhood. These walks don’t have to be long excursions; typically, people start with 5- to 10-minute walks. Even these short walks can have significant effects on your body by getting the blood flowing and exercising the muscles. This type of exercise can increase your cardiovascular fitness and give you increased levels of energy throughout the day due to better bodily chemical regulation.

Taking Phone Calls

Usually, people like to take a seat when they pick up the phone, but taking a call can be an opportunity to do more. When you’re on the phone, you’re generally unable to do much of anything else because of the concentration required, but you can still walk around without a problem. Even if you don’t want to go outside, you can still walk around your home. Or, if you’re not in the mood to walk, you can simply stand up and stay in place while you talk. Just standing is far more preferable to sitting down in terms of keeping your body moving.

Turning Errands into Exercise Opportunities

Driving to the store to pick up a few things is a mundane and simple task that can take you 10 minutes or less to accomplish—and most of that time is you driving in the car. But for little errands—when the store you’re going to is relatively close and you’re not planning on buying a lot—you can forgo the car and use the trip as a chance to stretch your legs for an extended period.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Learning how to break your sedentary lifestyle can be difficult, but it’s a necessary first step if you’re determined to be more active and take up an exercising routine. If it’s for the purpose of weight loss, then avoid the common pitfalls that others have faced, start slow to build up your momentum, and don’t push yourself further than what you’re comfortable with.

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Written by Logan Voss

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