Fantasy Ideas for the Perfect D&D Gaming Room

The gross assumption that gamers huddle in dark rooms has long since been dispelled. One glance at the growth of the D&D brand, hit shows like Stranger Things, and the ever-expanding indie tabletop game scene proves it. As such, there’s no reason any respectable game master can’t enjoy the most exciting adventure room possible. So, explore these fantasy ideas for the perfect D&D gaming room to upgrade your roleplay experience!

Polish the Entryway

Even Gary Gygax had an unusual-looking door to his legendary wargames room. While it may just seem like a footnote, the entryway to your game room sets the stage for greatness. Adding a few exciting sconces or iron brackets can turn even the most mundane door into something a little more mysterious.

For those looking to get the most out of their game room, explore a few old-fashioned and rustic styles of doors and doorways. The most famous of all dungeon-appropriate entryways is, of course, the arched door. Despite their unusual curvature, they’re much easier to install than you may realize.

Don’t Skimp On the Table

Whether you’re getting ready to overthrow an evil vampire in 5e or are heading into the unknown for the first time in GURPS, it all comes down to one thing: spending time with friends around a table. While your first few sessions may have gotten along just fine around a crowded card table, your hundredth adventure deserves something better.

The easiest way to get a decent table is to hit a few resale shops and seek an antique dining table set. For those looking to really complete the fantasy ambiance, crafters of traditional hewn wood tables exist in just about every corner of the country.

Create an Authentic Set

Once the entryway and table are taken care of, it’s easy to shift focus towards decorating the rest of the room. The best way to decide which fantasy ideas for the perfect D&D gaming room you want is to choose a scene from your campaign. Is your group more of the tavern-dwelling ruffians or royal knights sort?

Creating an authentic old-fashioned scene doesn’t have to be complex or complicated. Wooden shelves and other furnishings are easy to weather appropriately. Salvage wood, or faux stone façade turns boring painted walls into a whole new dimension of experience. Finally, don’t forget to add in details such as unusual bottles as potions and old-fashioned candelabras to perfect the scene.

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Written by Logan Voss

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