Stylish Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

What would make your birthday guy smile as he opens his gift? What will make him think of you every time he looks at it? If you’re shopping around and not feeling inspired, take a look at these stylish birthday gift ideas for him.

Hair and Beard Trimmer Set

A high-quality trimmer is sure to be a welcome replacement for his old electric clippers. Buy him a sleek new set with multiple blade guards in different lengths in case he wants to try a new look.

Fine Aged Liquor

A 16-year-old bottle of his favorite scotch will take a place of honor on his bar cart. It’s also a gift he can share with friends, and isn’t that the best kind?

A Dash of Flair

Depending on his tastes, give him the perfect accessory to finish off his look. Whether it’s a stylish tie or an eye-catching lapel pin, something a little colorful will make him think of you and smile.

Smart Watch

For any fitness lover, or even just a man who loves the latest technology, a smart watch is sure to please. He can send messages using voice-to-text, check his fitness stats, or even use a calculator—all from the convenience of his wrist!

French Press

Does your special guy need to get up early in the morning? Even if he simply enjoys the taste of good coffee, a French press will be a welcome addition to his kitchen. Start his day with a little luxury.

Next time you’re shopping for gifts for him, keep these ideas in mind. There’s no such thing as a “man who has everything”—guys love to open presents just as much as anyone else. Before you reach for the gift cards, think of these stylish birthday gift ideas for him. It doesn’t even have to be his birthday for you to surprise him with something thoughtful and elegant.

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Written by Logan Voss

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