What You Should Know About Summertime Camping

The great outdoors can be a wonderful experience where you make memories that can last a lifetime—or it can be miserable. Having the ability to survive in the wilderness is a real skill that many people lack, as they don’t understand the need for such skills. It is important to educate yourself as much as possible before making any trip, but especially prior to camping in the great outdoors during the summertime. So, this is what you should know about summertime camping for the first-timers, or for those simply curious about how to plan their summertime camping trip.

Bring Plenty of Supplies

You can never be prepared enough for a camping trip, but you can overpack your backpack. Also, make sure you make an inventory of everything you choose to bring, and only bring the essentials. Here are some essentials you shouldn’t forget:

  • A tent or shelter
  • Food and water
  • A first aid kit
  • Lights and batteries
  • Maps, phones, or tablets
  • Chargers and batteries
  • A multi-tool and a knife

Know Your Location

Having a firm grasp on where you decide to make your campsite for a few days will be detrimental to your time in the wilderness. Remember that there is a forest full of wildlife that exists while you are not there, and you have to share while you stay—so you should always respect wildlife. Make sure the geography suits your needs so that you don’t end up frying in a sunny spot or drowning in a flooded plain.

Stay Cool

Always keep an eye on the weather. Find shade whenever you can. Never spend any longer than half an hour in the sun.

This piece of advice will prevent you from having a heat stroke, or worse. Wear a hat and well-ventilated clothing. If you have reflective gear such as a shade for your 12 person camping tent or any kind of overhang, make sure to utilize it.

Leave your mesh flaps and doors open at night so that you have proper ventilation. Hydrate whenever possible and shower when you can. This could mean taking a dip in the lake during the early morning and late evening.

Time Things Out

Keep an eye out for the peak hours when the sun is the hottest by scheduling all your daytime activities—whether it be hiking, fishing, hunting, or birdwatching. You will get the most out of your trip and save yourself from health-related complications, as the heat can get to you on those long summer days.

Following our useful tips will give you the ability to stay safe and be confident on your next summertime wilderness outing. These can be exciting times full of adventure and joy, but they can also be very dangerous if you don’t know what to do in the event of an emergency. By understanding what you should know about summertime camping, you will be well on your way to fun and enjoyable outdoor entertainment.

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Written by Logan Voss

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