Tips for Designing an Eclectic Living Room

You don’t need a matching furniture set and color coordination to create a living room style that suits your tastes. Sometimes, an eclectic assortment of furnishings and décor can make a design that sticks. There’s an art to tying every mismatching element in your living room together. But once you perfect it, you’ll find unity in the dissonance. Before you settle on a final arrangement for your diverse fixtures, use these tips for designing an eclectic living room to make your house look and feel pleasant.

Find Furniture That You Love

One of the most common reasons people strive for an eclectic home design is that they can’t settle on one theme of furniture and décor. You may find a few different antiques or vintage pieces that call to you but don’t match each other. Eclectic design allows you to proudly display the pieces you love the most while also creating a home design that looks unique and attractive.

If you’re piecing together an assortment of furniture, make sure you love each addition individually as well as together in the room’s complete design. Find décor with personality. Antiques and oddities can tell a story better than any furniture piece from a modern store. Remember, while form and function are important elements of a room design, you’re also building a collection of items that you love with eclectic style.

Mix Shapes, Patterns, and Colors

No one impresses guests with subtle furniture patchwork. Go bold with your varied décor. Bring in loud colors, patterns, and shapes to pull the design together. Choose furniture with different textures from your other pieces and add layers that complement each other, whether through color combinations or coordinated patterns. Play with various rug shapes to create distinct zones in the living area. Also, consider layering two or more rugs with different textures and pile heights to set the room’s tone.

Wall décor with different shapes and borders is an easy way to add bits and pieces of stylish creativity to show off your colorful personality. Display something you collect proudly on the wall, hang something unusual, and find unique frames for posters or paintings to build the theme properly.

Embrace the Strange and Unique

As a final tip for designing an eclectic living room, remember not to hide your oddities behind what others may view as average pieces. It’s crucial to embrace—and even highlight—your unusual decorations and finds. With innovative uses of color and shape, you can make every piece of furniture or décor that you love shine in a room that would normally make it feel cluttered or messy. Use colorful table coverings and bright shelving to display your most standout elements.

It may feel strange at first to embrace odd items in your living room’s design, especially when the modern world of interior design seems to focus so much on clean lines and subtle colors. Shake off your uneasiness by thinking of how much you love each aspect of the room and gain confidence from the fact that no living room will look like yours—not even other eclectic designs.

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Written by Logan Voss

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