How a College Can Improve the Safety of Students

College and higher education can be stressful for students, but feelings of a lack of safety can make this challenging time that much harder. Be aware of how a college can improve the safety of their students, whether by maintaining their wellbeing or providing them a healthy environment. Not all safety is a security concern from individuals threatening students; it can also include increasing building safety and adopting new technologies and safety procedures.

Increase Security Presence

The most immediate way to improve a college campus’s safety is to increase the visibility of security staff on school grounds. Potential perpetrators are significantly less likely to act in a destructive or aggressive manner with authority figures patrolling the vicinity.

Conversely, decreasing presence will embolden individuals to act on aggressive behaviors, exposing other students to a greater likelihood of victimization. Don’t neglect the power that the mere presence of security has on people; more often than not, higher visibility alone is enough to deter most aggressive activities.

Install Immediate Help Lines

There will be times when security cannot be everywhere at once on campus. When this is the case, it’s essential to provide students with the means of immediately alerting security personnel to danger.

Having emergency alert stations activated throughout hazardous areas, such as parking lots for students walking to their cars at night, significantly improves safety. Emergency stations offer students a quick and convenient way to call security staff without wasting time calling them on their phone; help would arrive with a simple press of a button.

Inspect Buildings for Deterioration

Aside from individuals posing a threat to students, buildings can prove to be just as dangerous in the right circumstances. Campus facilities, especially older buildings, will degrade over time, potentially releasing harmful particulate matter into the air.

It’s critical to ensure the HVAC system is still operating fully, that there is no suboptimal airflow throughout the building. Be aware of how to measure airflow through the duct system to identify potential problems. Allowing the HVAC to break down will only create stagnant air and release harmful airborne particles.

Keep Student Safety In Mind

Knowing how a college campus can enhance student safety is essential to creating a positive learning environment. You need to fulfill students’ safety and security needs for them to fully focus on their studies without the worry of danger. Provide them with the safest campus possible and eliminate the chances of physical harm or health complications.

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Written by Logan Voss

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