The Top Reasons To Start Using Retinol in Your Routine

If you’ve ever seen a skin-care commercial on television, chances are you’ve heard of an ingredient called retinol. Otherwise known as vitamin A, this substance has a series of different effects on the complexion. As such, it’s become more popular in naturally-based beauty formulas over the past several years. Still, the question remains of what exactly this material can help you accomplish. These are some of the top reasons to start using retinol in your routine and the benefits you gain from it.

Increases Collagen Production

First, retinol can help you increase your skin’s natural supply of collagen. As the substance that binds all our skin cells together, collagen is what keeps a complexion looking young and vibrant. So, when our body stops producing it as we age, we start to prematurely develop fine lines and wrinkles. Upon contact with the skin, retinol products convert into a retinoid acid compound that stimulates the cells. This reaction encourages the cells to create more collagen and fight these blemishes.

Turns Over Dull Cells

Retinol formulas are also used to help turn over dead and dull skin cells on a person’s face. The topmost layer of skin sustains ample damage from our environment throughout the day which dulls their appearance. As such, you require proper cell turnover to bring the healthier cells to the surface. Retinols strip away these damages cells and allow your most beautiful skin to shine through.

Fights Acne Breakouts

Another top reason to start using retinol in your daily skin-care regimen is that it can help fight your acne breakouts. Because this ingredient encourages your skin to shred older cells, it also helps remove the access debris clogging your pores. This prevents your pores from inflammation and reduces your chances of experiencing a breakout. It’s recommended that you apply a retinol serum right before bed for maximum acne-fighting effect.

Evens Out Skin Tone

Above all, retinols can even out your skin tone if you’re experiencing dark spots or hyperpigmentation. These discolored areas occur when your cells overproduce melanin—the substance that gives your skin color. With advanced levels of turnover, you slowly remove these darker cells layer by layer. This can leave you with a much more even complexion over time.

Retinoids are a powerful tool to have in your skin-care arsenal and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your routine. Talk with your dermatologist today to determine the best method for you.

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Written by Logan Voss

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