What You Need To Know About Operating Skid Steers

Skid steers are a modern marvel of technology that makes heavy-duty landscaping a breeze. These vehicles are also complicated to use for beginners and are dangerous when misused. If you or your business requires these machines, check out this information on what you need to know about operating skid steers.

Understanding the Dangers

While skid steers provide an invaluable service, they aren’t without their flaws. These vehicles suffer from substantial blind spots (especially in the rear), become slowed by adverse terrain, and can cause massive property damage.

The best remedy for any skid steer-related issues is having training on how to operate the equipment. Once you’ve learned the necessary skills, you must ensure that you have someone assisting in the skid steer’s work while in use.

Prep your workspace with wood slabs to eliminate grass destruction. Make a comprehensive plan of attack before starting construction to reduce the odds of making any mistakes. Lastly, have another worker nearby and develop hand signals to communicate over the noise of the vehicle.

Working Efficiently

There are many ways to make the work of a skid steer highly efficient. The benefits of streamlining your landscaping duties include safer work conditions, better overall profits, and a solid reputation for the business.

When filling your equipment’s bucket with dirt or other materials, don’t overfill it. An over-encumbered bucket slows down workflow and may cause damages to the vehicle. Additionally, carry your materials low when driving uphill and ensure the front side of the skid steer is heavier than the rear.

Also, not that skid steer attachments reduce operating costs by making your vehicle far more flexible. With them, you can accomplish more work in a shorter time. Remember to familiarize yourself with these attachments to protect yourself, the property, and others.

Becoming a Master Operator

With a bit of time and repetition, using a skid steer becomes much easier for the operator. However, there are tons of tips and tricks you can utilize to become a master of the skid steer. Here are some to keep in mind:

  • Use your bucket to leverage your skid steer out of ruts.
  • Shake your skid steer to clean out its bucket.
  • Tilt your vehicle when loading it.
  • Only operate on dry grass to avoid damages.

These are just a few tips for what you need to know about operating skid steers, but they will make the work process much easier for you or your employees.

Remember that safety is crucial when operating any heavy machinery, and being well trained is imperative when conducting work. With this information, you can ensure you do your tasks successfully and efficiently.

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Written by Logan Voss

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