The Common Security Measures To Take at a Warehouse

If you manage or own a warehouse facility, you probably want to do everything in your power to protect the assets inside. By implementing the common security measures to take at a warehouse, you can better guard your business.

Installing Security Cameras

Every private business should have CCTV, and large properties like warehouses need them to monitor every area. The chances are that you can’t afford a 24/7 security guard. Even if you can, they won’t be able to watch the whole building at once.

The cameras act as your eyes in the sky, monitoring the property. While they won’t stop a crime in progress, they can record the thieves for evidence. Also, their mere presence will make some criminals think that robbing your warehouse isn’t worth the effort.

Security cameras in manufacturing facilities can have multitudes of uses, too. Besides preventing crime, you can use the CCTV as an extra set of eyes during the day. If someone is watching the cameras during the day, they can prevent accidents from happening in the first place by radioing down a warning.

Having Security Doors

Most doors aren’t as strong as you may want. Their weak materials or bolts could mean that they can easily become knocked down with adequate force. Property owners can fight against this deficiency by installing security doors reinforced with heavy materials and strong bolts. These will only open with a key.

Utilizing Access Control Systems and Security Cages

If someone can breach your exterior doors, you don’t want them to have free access to everything in your warehouse. You should keep your most sensitive and expensive merchandise in security cages and behind separate areas with access control systems of their own. This way, you can limit access to high-value items to authorized personnel only. Ultimately hiring a security team or force will give you dynamic protection and help you watch over your other security measures. Getting started in finding this security team you can visit JC Protection and get all the information you need to put that together effectively and efficiently

Using an Inventory Tracking System

Though it may seem tedious, you need to scan everything as it enters and exits the facility. If you don’t account for merchandise when it comes into the building, you’ll have no way of knowing if it goes missing or not. If a client doesn’t receive something, and you don’t know where it went, you’re likely to lose their business. Use an inventory tracking system to prevent this.

After exploring the common security measures to take at a warehouse, you can make your business a safer place to work.

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Written by Logan Voss

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