Common Households Items You Should Donate

Sometimes you may buy new things even when your house is already full. When you need to get rid of old clothes, supplies, or other materials, you should consider donating to a local charity. There are many common household items you should donate that will benefit those in need. Here are some you should keep track of and where you should donate them.

School Supplies

Each new school season means shopping for supplies for your child. However, there are many children whose families can’t afford new school supplies. One great way to donate for those in need is to purchase new school supplies, such as pencils, markers, rulers, pencil boxes, erasers, folders, binders, and backpacks. If you have lots of leftover school supplies around your home, donate those as well. You’ll help school children enjoy their year with usable supplies.


Assuming there are no lingering stains or odors, don’t’ be afraid to donate your old bedding. For instance, if you’re in the market for a new mattress, you should donate your old one. Homeless shelters, disaster-relief organizations, or pet rescues are great options for giving old bedding supplies. These organizations always need mattresses, linens, and pillows, so consider reaching out to see how your old bedding can be helpful. Remember to clean it before you donate. No one wants to sleep on a dirty mattress or sheet set.


You can also donate old furniture. Dressers, nightstands, tables, and other pieces less than fifty pounds are great donation items. Some organizations won’t accept couches or large furniture. However, gently used smaller pieces can benefit those who can’t afford them. When you don’t need a piece of furniture, donate it to those who do.


Of course, clothing is one of the most common household items you should donate. Countless charities and organizations accept used clothing no matter the size, shape, or condition. Whether it’s men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing, shoes, or accessories, they’ll find a use for it. Consider reaching out to your local veteran’s association or children’s organization to ensure your clothing goes to a helpful place. You can even drop off used clothing at many drop-off locations near grocery stores, banks, and strip malls.

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Written by Logan Voss

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