What You Need To Know Before Your Drug Test

Drug tests are important facets of a safe work environment. They hold employees accountable to ensure safe, productive duties throughout the workday. When it comes to what you need to know before your drug test, keep these considerations in mind. Depending on the drug test, these tests can detect a wide range of substance abuse in an accurate and timely manner.

Why Do Employers Use Drug Tests?

Employers use drug tests to ensure their employees remain safe and vigilant on the job. Whether it’s for an office setting or in an industrial sector, drug tests prevent accidents, injuries, and careless behaviors. Drugs tests further allow employers to account for all state and federal regulations with respect to illicit substance abuse. Testing employees ensures everyone follows these rules accordingly.

What Does it Test For?

Different drugs tests can detect different substances within the body. Most commonly, they test for alcohol, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates. Other drug tests can detect barbiturates, benzodiazepine, fentanyl, PCP, ketamine, and steroids. Ultimately, it is up to the employer to use this information as relevant for their workers. If your employer feels you’re unable to successfully complete your given responsibilities, you may be at risk for termination.

Types of Drug Tests

Another important thing you need to know before your drug test is the different types of tests used. There are three common types of drug tests employers will administer. The first is known as a hair follicle test. Hair follicle tests use a sample of your scalp hair, body hair, or facial hair to detect illicit substances. Other types of drug tests include nail tests that require fingernail and toenail samples and urine tests that require a urine sample. Each test can detect substance use within days, months, or even a year of use, depending on the type your employer administers.

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Written by Logan Voss

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