What You Need To Know Before Going off the Grid

Living off-grid is a tempting proposition for many people, but not everyone has what it takes to pull it off successfully. Deciding whether you fall into that category or not is much easier when you know what you’re in for. There’s a lot to consider before severing most of your ties with society. Read on to learn what you need to know before going off the grid.

It’s Not Free

It’s an understandable misconception that you’ll quickly be able to live without spending a dime, but there are a ton of things you need to gather before you can start your new life. You’ll need to purchase the land to live on and pay to build or buy a structure to live in. Furthermore, you’ll probably want to invest in tools and equipment for day-to-day upkeep. Don’t jump into this without saving up first!

You Must Find a Water Source

You’re going to need water. Not every attractive plot of land has access to this life-giving liquid, so you’ll need to ensure that yours does. Then, you’ll need to think about how to get the water to your domicile. Are you going to lug a pail of water up from the creek before every shower? Don’t forget about sanitation, too! You need to purify any natural water before drinking it, cooking with it, and bathing in it.

You Must Get Mineral Rights

This may be the first time you’ve heard of mineral rights. And yet they’re essential for off-grid living! Simply put, when you buy land, you aren’t necessarily buying what’s under it. To have a legal right to the resources on your property (and to explore and extract them), you need mineral rights. Who knew?

You Need Power

The decision of whether to power your home or live without electricity is up to you, but we’d strongly recommend finding a power source. The cold feels much worse when you have nothing but blankets to warm you up. Luckily, solar power is more accessible than ever, and there are plenty of ways to use it completely off the grid, whether you get batteries or generators.

Now that you understand some of what you need to know before going off the grid, you can more accurately decide whether this independent lifestyle is right for you.

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Written by Logan Voss

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