Ways To Avoid Cooking Smells Before They Start

No one likes to cook in a kitchen full of gross odors. If you’re a proud home chef, it’s time to combat those smells with our helpful guide on different ways to avoid cooking smells before they start. This way, you can enjoy being in a space that doesn’t harm your health.

Why Reducing Cooking Smells Is Important

Even though we love smelling our food, lingering odors can damage our health and age the kitchen. Studies show that even a few seconds of short-term exposure to cooking fumes increases the likelihood of developing respiratory cancer. So keep yourself safe by using one of these ways to avoid cooking smells before they start. Each method can make your kitchen a more comfortable place to be in again, and you’ll reduce your chances of coming down sick.

Use an Air Purifier

One of the many ways people can ward off cooking fumes is to use an air purifier. An air purifier improves air quality and even deodorizes the room. You can think of it as a pre-cleanser for the kitchen.

Use a Vinegar and Water Solution

Sometimes, you need to rely on methods from when your grandparents were younger. Simply boiling a mixture of vinegar and water on the stove will send a roaring wave of steam to block out unwanted smells. To help the vinegar smell go away, turn on your stove vent.

Simmer Potpourri

Typically, you’ll find potpourri around the holidays, used as decoration or to make a home smell like Christmas. However, using potpourri during your cooking process every other day can break down those lingering odors. The best scents to use for your potpourri are from citrus fruits such as lemon and oranges and spices such as mint and cinnamon. However, to eliminate the most smells, use more citrus.

Place Kitty Litter in the Trash Can

This might seem silly, but placing cat litter in your trash can stabilizes the smells from your cooking. Cat litter’s ingredients destroy the odor particles in cat feces, and it does the same thing for mixed waste in the garbage can by absorbing its scent.

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Written by Logan Voss

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