5 Tips for Preventing Pallet Rack Damage

Pallet racking systems are among the most important components in warehouses. However, these sturdy frames are still vulnerable to harm that could be catastrophic to the facility. At best, broken pallet racks won’t perform at their optimal level. At worst, they can cause a serious safety hazard.

If you run a storage facility, you top priority should be to protecte your equipment and employees. Here are five tips for preventing pallet rack damage to improve workplace conditions.

Improve Facility Lighting

Most warehouses use forklifts and other vehicles to transport heavy racks and materials throughout the facility. It’s difficult to operate these machines with in dim settings, and low visibility can increase the likelihood of rack impact. Avoid this problem by improving the lighting in your facility. Make sure to illuminate every corner of the storage floor so that employees can always see where they’re going.

Load Racks Correctly

One simple tip to prevent pallet rack damage is to load racks correctly. While contractors build these structures to withstand heavy loads, they still have a maximum capacity that staff shouldn’t push. Overloading racks often causes bowing and bending, which could lead to a racking system collapsing. Ensure that all employees adhere to weight caps to thwart problems before they occur.

Widen Warehouse Aisles

It’s no secret that warehouse transport vehicles are large and bulky. While many warehouses undergo optimization to increase storage space by shrinking aisles, you still need to leave enough room for forklifts to move. Vehicle impact is one of the top causes of rack damage since they’re among the only things stronger than the racks themselves in a typical warehouse. Consider widening your aisles if you’re having trouble managing rack impacts in your facility.

Train Employees Thoroughly

Your employees are your eyes and ears on the work floor, so make sure to train them thoroughly. Staff members should know how to operate heavy machinery, load racks, and navigate the facility in a safe and efficient way. They should also know how to report unsafe conditions to address problems ASAP. Offer training refreshers and incentives so that your workers know how to protect your pallet racks.

Install Protective Measures

There are certain measures you can take to secure your structures. For example, you should bolt down pallet racks to keep them from tipping over or collapsing altogether. You can also install guardrails, corner guards, and pallet protectors to ease the blow of any vehicle impact or other form of strain. This will ensure that you’re doing everything possible to keep your racks in good condition.

Your warehouse can’t meet its potential without sturdy pallet racks to store heavy loads. Follow these tips to improve your site’s daily operations and safety conditions.

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Written by Logan Voss

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