Physical Security Measures Every Business Should Take

When it comes to running a business, anything can happen. Modern business owners see everything these days—the good and the bad. Completely eradicating potential threats to safety and success isn’t possible, but leadership can do their part to ensure maximal protection by implementing the appropriate measures.

Enhancing and maintaining on-site security is one of the best ways to protect your business against the devastating effects of adverse situations or unforeseen disasters. Here are a few physical security measures every business should take.

Access Controls

What access controls do you have set up at your physical location? Closely evaluate your environment to determine the best site-specific measures for the layout. Whether your method of access control to the premises uses fingerprint scanners, staff ID cards, secured PIN-entry systems, or simple locks, ensure all entry points are secure at all times.

Alarm Systems

The rate of shoplifting, threats, and assaults on businesses has recently increased. Properly protecting property, valuable goods, and employees against these external forces remains essential. Having a reliable building alarm system in place—that automatically informs police when a criminal act occurs—can work well. If you already have a secure alarm system installed, double-check its functioning and performance with regular checkups and maintenance.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras are some of the wisest security investments. For surveillance purposes, aim for a strategic placement that allows a 360-degree view of the establishment. These cameras can prevent detrimental situations or help catch a criminal after an incident.

Don’t forget about reinforcing surveillance with security lighting. CCTV monitors won’t be effective if you can only see shadows in critical areas. Also, motion-sensor lighting is an eco-friendly option.

Security Checkpoints

Based on the size of your business, you may need security checkpoints at the entrance or in vulnerable areas, such as external locations on the property. For parking lot security, consider the benefits of prefabricated buildings to keep your business secure and personnel productive. You can use a guard booth to conduct physical surveillance, deter criminals, and prevent safety breaches.

Staff Education and Training

Providing adequate safety training is another of the physical security measures every business should take. Remember, good business security is a continuous team effort, requiring all personnel to be on board during the workday. Reinforce standard protocols for opening and closing and guidelines for handling revenue or inventory.

Fortunately, all of the above security tactics are relatively straightforward. Make security a priority to better equip your business for whatever may come your way.

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Written by Logan Voss

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