Signs Your Foundation Is Severely Damaged

Did you know that around a quarter of American homes suffer from foundational issues? Luckily, most of these problems are either highly manageable or simply natural. However, some damages are far more complex and dangerous. Here are some telltale signs that your foundation is severely damaged.

Interior Warping

Many signs of foundational damage are present on the insideof your home. Often, warping is visible in the basement and throughout other rooms and floors. The biggest indicator of foundational issues is cracking in interior walls, especially in the corners of walls and ceilings.

Additionally, you might notice joints and moldings beginning to separate from the walls. Due to this, ceilings begin to warp and curve, further exasperating wall separation. This warping also separates cabinets from the wall. In extreme situations, floors and stairs will warp, causing sloping and further separation. If you notice any of these signs, then the chances are that your foundation has severe damage.

Door and Window Warping

Walls, cabinets, and ceilings aren’t the only features in your home that can show signs of foundation damage. Doors and windows also feel the effects of these issues. If a good number of the doors in your home don’t shut properly or are misaligned, this is a clear sign that something’s wrong with your foundation. The same is true for windows that aren’t square on the wall. Doors and windows should neverbe warped. So if you notice they are, consult a professional immediately.

Drainage Issues

Exterior foundational damage indicators are common when severe problems occur. You may easily notice most cracks throughout concrete surfaces or on exterior walls. However, a less obvious yet telling sign of property issues is the presence of puddles throughout your lawn.

Soil should effectively drain normal amounts of water from the surface. If it doesn’t, then you may need to install helical piers for better support. Using square shaft helical pies over round ones for this purpose is ideal. Additionally, you can implement drainage systems throughout your landscape to prevent progressive damage to the foundation.

Paying attention to the various signs of severe foundational damage can save you thousands in repairs and hours of heartache. Fixing these issues is expensive and time consuming, but stopping the progression of the problems is the best way to maintain the integrity and value of your property. Always consult professionals when you notice these signs, as they can create solutions tailored to your needs.

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Written by Logan Voss

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