Tips for Mentally Recovering After a Breakup

Breakups are a challenge for everyone. You put your whole soul into a relationship, and it can be challenging for it to end, whether suddenly or over time. Even when you know the relationship will end, recovering is still a long process. Thankfully, there are several ways to mentally recover when you and your partner break up, so take the time to find the best one that works for you.

Take Some Time to Yourself

One of the starkest realizations many people face after a breakup is that they forgot how to be an individual. When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to conflate your interests and what you enjoyed as a couple. It may take some time to remember what makes you happy, and it’s OK to take as long as you need. Invest time into trying new foods and hobbies again, spending time alone, and just processing. Don’t try and dwell on your relationship but instead, think back to who you were and who you want to become now that you are single again.

Figure Out Your Post-Breakup Relationship

For many, when they go through a breakup, they still want to remain friends with their former partner. This choice is entirely valid and works for many people, but it is not something that you should force. Similarly, you shouldn’t ghost them completely unless they are an incredibly negative force in your life. Evaluate what you want from this new post-breakup relationship and make that happen. Be friends with them if you want, cut them off if they’re negative, and if they were toxic or abusive, consider getting a protection order so that they won’t hurt you anymore. Skilled protective order court lawyers specialize in helping individuals seeking legal protection from potential threats or harassment.

Give Yourself Permission To Be Sad

A lot of people convince themselves that they shouldn’t feel sad after a breakup, that it’s a taboo worth avoiding. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t experience a certain emotion. Feeling sad and crying is normal. Of course, you should learn how to process things and move on, but it is entirely OK to be sad for an amount of time that feels right to you. Watch sad movies and listen to sad music, as this will normalize your feelings and help you realize you are not alone in what you’re experiencing.

Take Care of Yourself

You have permission to experience sadness, but you shouldn’t stop taking care of yourself. Splurge here and there with some indulgences like pizza or ice cream without going overboard. It’s easy to stop taking care of yourself, but you should stay somewhat regular with sleeping, eating healthy, and exercising. Otherwise, your whole body will feel off, and you will feel worse, hindering your recovery.

These were a few general tips for mentally recovering after a breakup, but this process is still an incredibly personal thing. Take things slowly and listen to your body, but also listen to your brain when it tells you to take care of yourself, talk to friends, and maybe even a therapist.

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Written by Logan Voss

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