Ways To Make a Family Photoshoot Stand Out

You can produce amazing pieces of work that you and your clients will love by challenging your craft and elevating your work process. Switching up a few small things may make the biggest difference in your shoots. Consider these excellent ways to make a family photoshoot stand out.

Fine Art Photography Backdrops

Fine art photography backdrops are a great way to add an elegant touch to any shoot. Have your clients coordinate by wearing dressier clothing in a coordinated color palette to the backdrop. These backdrops are a sure way to add more visual interest and theme to the shoot; your clients are sure to enjoy the finished look.

Unique Props

Unique props are a fun way to get interactive during your shoot and create an experience that your clients will enjoy. You can pop confetti, blow sparkles, pour champagne bottles, hang balloons, or even smash cake. There are many fun elements you can incorporate in a family shoot to make it stand out. If there’s a theme, think about what prop would help elevate the theme. For example, if the family is doing a winter wonderland shoot, you can provide fake snow or mini snowflakes for them to toss in the air or blow at the camera.

Custom Costumes

Having a custom costume closet is an excellent way to make a photoshoot stand out. Provide your clients with a unique arrangement of clothing to choose from to elevate their shoots. Include items such as luxe tulle dresses, tuxes, and other fun-themed costume pieces.

Fun Edits

Fun and creative edits add an exclusive element to the shoot. Edits can help bring certain ideas to life that may not be physically possible, such as fairytale castle backgrounds and exotic animals. You have a lot of artistic freedom to add cool effects that will take the family photos above and beyond.

A Unique Set Design

Set designs are another creative way to make your family photoshoots stand out. You can prop up backdrops, crates, pillows, blankets, plants, and more to make a custom set to shoot family portraits. These sets create depth, texture, contrast, and visual interest in the photo. Your clients will surely appreciate the effort and the fantastic outcome of the photo with your unique set design.

Creating an exciting and unique family shoot doesn’t have to be complicated. The process may take more time, effort, and coordination, but your clients will thank you for it, and your craft will improve in the end due to your dedication.

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Written by Logan Voss

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