The Advantages of Green Space in Urban Areas

As humanity continues to evolve, the need for nature to surround us in our everyday lives becomes increasingly apparent. As a result of this realization, city planners are beginning to see the benefits of adding more green space to our urban environments.

Even sprawling metropolises make room for more greenery and plant life in unlikely places. But what exactly are the benefits of green spaces in our cities? Explore this quick guide to find out.

Mental Health Benefits

The advantages of green space begin with how it can benefit mental health in major cities. How is this possible? Because human beings’ access to nature is essential to our well-being. We are happier, more concentrated, and less stressed as a species when our surroundings feature greenery. This is particularly true for children and older adults. That alone says a lot about green space’s potential impact on folks living in cities.

Physical Benefits

If that’s not enough to convince you, some data suggests increasing green space in our cities can positively affect physical health. Parks and gardens are a paradisal getaway amid an otherwise bustling jungle of cars and concrete. As such, these features are incredibly valuable in helping us to improve our physical conditions.

Several studies show that the more a human being increases their connection with nature, the longer they can expect to live. On top of that, having more of these spaces will undoubtedly encourage healthier, more active lifestyles that involve lots of fresh air and exercise.

Business Benefits

Of course, this wouldn’t be a balanced overview of how green space could benefit our cities without mentioning the advantages they could offer businesses that invest in them. A growing trend in cities is adding green space to the roofs of parking structures. This technically doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Most businesses are starting by nurturing small gardens on their structures.

And while this may seem a small addition to any building, it has many business benefits. First, it helps the businesses and owners of these structures save cash by reducing the stress on heating and AC units. It could also increase the perceived value of the building. After all, green spaces are becoming a highly sought-after feature. This also creates a more aesthetic and modern appeal for the facility.

In short, green spaces are becoming increasingly valuable in major cities. And when you consider all the benefits they can offer in these areas, it’s easy to see why.

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Written by Logan Voss

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