3 Common Products Shipped by International Air Freight

We live in a global economy, and most Americans own or use products shipped from international locations. Whether partially or completely manufactured abroad, international freight brings goods efficiently from one point of the globe to another.

When it comes to sending goods across the ocean, air freight is safer, faster, and more reliable than ocean freight. Learn about three common products shipped by international air freight.

1. Automotive Parts

Automotive parts are expensive and needed quickly, so companies ship the parts via air freight. Higher security makes it less likely for parts to go missing, and the parts are also less likely to experience damage in transit. Buyers and sellers of goods transported by air freight can purchase air cargo insurance to protect their investments.

And as the automotive industry manufactures more electric vehicles, air freight will continue to be important in delivering parts. Electric vehicles require fewer pieces than traditional vehicles, but the industry will still rely on the efficiency of air freight.

2. Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals are another common product shipped by international air freight. The speed and reliability of air freight make it the perfect mode for transporting pharmaceuticals. Suppliers choose the best packaging type to make distribution simple and protect medicines and vaccines.

Containers can have electrical cooling and heating systems. Suppliers can also choose to mail pharmaceuticals in containers with insulating materials and refrigerants to protect products from excessive heat, cold, or temperature swings.

3. Perishables

Perishable goods, such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, and seafood, can be either temperature-sensitive, time-sensitive, or both. These goods need to have enough shelf life to last in a store and at their destination, typically the consumers’ house. Transporting perishables by air freight helps maintain their quality.

Every perishable good has its own shipping requirements. While some goods, like meats, should be frozen, others can be refrigerated to slow ripening. Air freight helps minimize loss, preventing perishables from being wasted.

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Written by Logan Voss

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