Wedding Details That Often Get Overlooked

There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding. That’s why it can be easy to forget the little steps, especially on the day of the big event. Wedding day is hectic, and it’s easy to lose sight of everything you must do. This list of wedding details that often get overlooked will help you avoid making silly mistakes.

A Gift Table

Gift tables can be easy to forget, especially if you’ve only been focused on providing a guestbook table for your guests, among other miscellaneous details. If you are accepting more than just cash funds for your wedding, be sure to provide a gift table for those who will be bringing physical gifts purchased from your registry.

Vendor Meals

Your wedding day is a long, high-energy day, and your vendors will undoubtedly be fatigued from providing services for hours on end. Setting aside meals for your vendors is a courteous and necessary detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Like you and your guests, your vendors also need to stay fueled to keep up with the demands of the night. Include the extra meals on the catering bill to make this process easier.

A Backup Plan for Bad Weather

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, it’s essential to have a backup plan in the event of bad weather. Weather can be unpredictable, which is why it’s important to consider a venue that has indoor space to accommodate unwanted disruptive weather.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel accommodations can be an afterthought, especially when you’re overwhelmed with booking and securing your vendors. You’ll need a place to get ready with your wedding party on the day of the wedding, and you’ll need a place to stay with your new spouse on the night of your wedding. Be sure to book your lodging accommodations in advance to avoid any inconveniences down the road.

Payment for Vendors

While a lot of vendors require payment prior to the wedding day, there are still a few who accept the final payment on the day of the event. Have your wedding coordinator or maid of honor hand out envelopes filled with the appropriate amounts to pay out your vendors on time. If you would like to avoid any hassle on the day of the wedding, you can also make your final payments the day before. Be sure to set reminders and make the proper arrangements to pay out your vendors.

The Little Things

The little things matter when it comes to making a lasting impression with your wedding. Before finalizing your reception and ceremony look, try to think about what added details you can incorporate to make a lasting impression on your guests. Whether this is monograms, drapes, a doughnut wall, or a photo booth, be sure to consider the many ways you can create the wedding of your dreams.

Take your time when planning, and be sure to sort through every seemingly insignificant detail to ensure you don’t overlook major components when planning your wedding day.

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Written by Logan Voss

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