What Is Mobile Home Skirting and What Is It Used For?

If you’ve ever seen a mobile home, you may have noticed there’s generally a set of stairs leading up to the front door or onto a deck. Those stairs are needed for mobile homes because the structures are built on top of the plumbing systems, which are then typically surrounded by skirting kits. But what is mobile home skirting, and what is it used for? Whether you’re looking to buy a mobile home or do some renovating on your property, we’ve got the answers for you.

What Is Mobile Home Skirting?

Mobile home skirting is a layer added around the lower portion of a mobile home to protect it from adverse weather conditions, wild animals, and other hazards that could potentially damage the plumbing system. While the primary function is protecting your pipes and vents from freezing or other extremes, it also provides a design aesthetic and increases your home’s curb appeal.

Different Skirting Options

Skirting comes in a variety of styles and materials. The most common skirting kits are vinyl or sheet metal, but other options include plywood, faux-rock, or stucco. Different skirting kits have their own pros and cons when it comes to design, maintenance, and cost, and deciding which one is best for your mobile home is an important step.

When looking to install or replace mobile home skirting, experts recommend measuring the size of your home and using an online skirting calculator to get a rough estimate of the materials needed.

Additional Skirting Features

We know that mobile home skirting is a layer of material used for protecting your plumbing system and the lower half of your home from potential hazards. However, there are other possibilities for utilizing your skirting kit to add even more functionality to your home. Many skirting kits come with points of access that are great for reaching the plumbing for repairs and offer storage space under your home. Skirting ventilation is a great add-on for controlling the temperature by using easy-to-install access vents.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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