The Benefits of Medical Animation to Patient Education

Medical animations are an essential part of patient education. Not everyone can digest medical material by reading it. Therefore, medical animations can bridge the gap between medical jargon, paragraphs of complicated text, material, and understanding, which is essential for the patient. Continue reading to understand the benefits of medical animation to patient education and the implications that come with it.

Helps Break Down Complex Medical Findings or Procedures

Visual medical animations are beneficial for compressing complex findings or procedures so that the patient can more easily understand them. There are certain ways that the brain absorbs information, and medical animation works in hand with this knowledge to ensure retention.

Medical animations take chapters worth of material and condense them into short videos to provide an accurate and easily digestible lesson. This helps the patient visually understand the information provided.

Provides a Visual and Auditory Component

Different people have different learning styles. Learning styles refer to the ways in which individuals prefer to process and comprehend information. They tend to learn the best when people cater to their learning styles, which is important for absorbing and retaining information.

There are four primary learning styles:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Read/write
  • Kinesthetic

Medical animation caters to three of the four learning styles. Providing a visual component that you have voiced over and captioned allows those with different learning styles or a combination of learning styles to fully engage with the content.

Helps Patients Feel More Prepared

When you educate a patient on a procedure or finding, they can feel better prepared for the future, whether physically or mentally. Patient education is necessary to help streamline the process for both the patient and the health-care provider. Feeling more prepared can reduce stress or anxious feelings, which helps to make the process as comfortable as possible for the patient and the provider.

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Written by Logan Voss

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