5 Interesting Ways People Use Carbon Every Day

When most people hear about carbon, they probably begin thinking about topics like carbon emissions. However, carbon as an element is far more versatile, and people use it all the time in different ways. Here are just five of the most interesting ways people use carbon every day.

Sporting Equipment

Manufacturers use carbon in many kinds of sporting goods and equipment. For example, you probably have carbon in your home if you own hockey sticks, tennis racquets, or skis. Some sporting goods companies even use carbon in tennis shoes for stiffness and better support.

Machinery and Equipment

If you’re looking to extend the life of your plastic fabrication machines, you might consider using carbon coatings. When your machines heat the carbon to high temperatures, it becomes slick and acts like a lubricant, even when you haven’t applied any additional products. This extra lubrication greatly reduces the amount of wear and stress on your machines, helping them to last longer.

Laboratory Research

One of the most interesting things about carbon is that it is vulnerable to penetration from x-rays and other types of medical and scientific equipment. When scientists are dealing with a substance that resists penetration from electron microscopes, they sometimes coat their samples in carbon to increase visibility.

Diamond-Like Carbon

Another versatile use for carbon comes in the form of diamond-like carbon (DLC), which is a highly compressed form of carbon that mimics the hardness of real diamonds. People use DLC in drill bits and other cutting devices, as well as in coatings for NASCAR racecars. Even shaving razors sometimes have DLC in them to reduce friction.

Military Equipment

The military uses carbon in many different things, including missiles, drones, and even planes. Carbon fiber is a lightweight alternative to metal, allowing engineers to add strength and stability to their designs without sacrificing mobility.

These five interesting ways people use carbon every day just go to show carbon is useful for more than just power; it’s a versatile element with fascinating applications in almost every aspect of life.

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Written by Logan Voss

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