What Are the Best-Tasting Wild Fish To Catch?

People go fishing for countless reasons, from a good getaway to feeding their family. Each reason is valid and perfectly acceptable as a reason to go fishing. However, if you do want to catch some fish to make yourself some food, it might be smart to know the best fish to catch. Here are the best-tasting wild fish you can catch while fishing.

Freshwater Trout

Trout are some of the best fish to catch as there are plenty of them all over the country. Whether you like lake fishing or going to the nearby river, you can likely find trout all over the place. Additionally, trout are delicious when you cook them well, with flaky meat that pairs nicely with all sorts of ingredients.

Freshwater Catfish

Catfish are a popular meal across the world, with its yellowish meat and great taste. There are many ways to eat them, from frying to smoking. Properly seasoned catfish is delicious. It’s also one of the many fish you can catch while fly-fishing.

Saltwater Salmon

While you can catch salmon in both saltwater and freshwater, they are quite challenging wherever you are. These fish can grow to huge sizes, so catching even one may be enough to feed you and all your friends. While there are many salmon recipes, pan-frying or grilling them is the most common method of cooking them.

Saltwater Halibut

Another huge fish that you’ll see in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is halibut. They can weigh up to 200 pounds and make for a massive meal. This is a great fish to aim for if you have the gear and skill as they’re easy to cook for beginners.

These are just a few of the best fish you can catch for their flavor. Whether you’re commonly fishing in saltwater or freshwater, there are plenty of amazing fish options to catch and eat. The biggest issue after catching them is figuring out how you want to prepare them for the best meals possible.

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Written by Logan Voss

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