Maintaining the Home: Reasons You Should Clean Your Gutters

Proper home maintenance requires you to do various tasks to keep your home looking beautiful. Caring for outside features like your gutters helps boost your curb appeal while protecting the inside of your home. Discover the top reasons you should clean out your gutters every spring and fall.

Lessens the Risk of Flooding

A flood can cause a lot of damage to your home and may destroy anything kept within the affected area. Blocked gutters can increase the chance of flooding, and this is one at-home emergency you can avoidby maintaining your property.

Your gutters are one of the first lines of defense against a rainstorm, as they drive water away from home. But when there is a blockage, water cannot flow properly, causing the water to back up under the shingles and roofline.

Prevents Damage to the Foundation

Cleaning your gutters also helpsprepare your home’s foundation for fallNeglecting this can lead to rainwater collecting around the outside of your home. There’s more risk of damaging the foundation, and more specifically, there’s a higher chance of the foundation cracking. This can occur because the water pools too closely to the home, adding pressure to the foundation wall. These repairs often come at high costs, especially when the crack leads to a flood.

Keeps Pests Out of Your Home

Gutters packed with leaves, twigs, and other forms of debris are the perfect place for pests to create a home of their own. And when you neglect cleaning your gutters, you invite these creatures onto your property. If you ignore them, they may make their way into your home by damaging the roof or other areas of the house.

Helps With Roof Maintenance

Your roof is as important as your foundation; while the foundation creates a base for your home, your roof protects the top. Your gutters help ensure the water has a proper pathway to travel away from your home, but if there are clogs, it will pool. This may lead to roof damage or leaks inside of your house as the material rots and breaks down.

Your Home Looks Beautiful

The final reason to clean out your gutters is to keep your home looking its best. When you neglect maintenance, your home may appear run-down, decreasing your curb appeal. Your house should look like a home, and you achieve this by taking care of it. Make sure your home is the beauty of the block!

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Written by Logan Voss

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