The Best Ways To Make Your Jeep Look Awesome

Jeeps have an iconic look, and Jeep owners love to modify their vehicles to look even better. From minor changes to major overhauls, check out the best ways to make your Jeep look awesome.

Remove the Roof and Doors

A classic option typically reserved for warmer days, removing your Jeep’s roof and doors can bring you closer to the outdoors. And if you remove your doors and add foot pegs to the exterior of your Jeep, you can stretch your legs during a long sojourn. Just make sure you remove your Jeep doors the right way to avoid causing any damage.

Install a Lift Kit

Lifting your Jeep increases your ground clearance, which can make a huge difference in what you’re able to do while off-roading. Aside from that, lifting your vehicle gives it a more intimidating look, making this mod one of the best ways to make your Jeep look awesome. Just keep in mind that the higher your vehicle, the higher its center of gravity.

Change Out the Grille

While you probably won’t install a lift kit on your own, you can DIY changing out the grille. Aftermarket grilles come in dozens of aggressive styles that make your Jeep look ready to take on the world. And making them with a durable material means you can enjoy this modification for years.

Affix Badges

Some people like to give their vehicles personality by adding bumper stickers. Jeep badges are similar, but a lot better. You can affix trail-rated badges from the Jeep Badge of Honor program to your rig after you complete a trail. Alternatively, you can use a custom design for a unique tribute to your adventures in your Jeep.

Add an Interior Trim Kit

An interior trim kit makes it easy for you to add some eye candy to your Jeep cabin. Whether you want a flashy color like candy apple red or a muted accent in black or silver, you can easily install these colorful pieces. Cover your inner door handles, air outlet trim, steering wheel trim, and passenger seat handle for a simple but remarkable change.

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Written by Logan Voss

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