How To Improve Safety for Service Vehicle Workers

Service vehicle drivers and the vehicles themselves are very important for businesses. This is why improving their safety should be a top priority for any manager and business. Here are a few ways you can improve the safety of the workers inside service vehicles.

Best Driving Practices Training

Taking the time to teach your employees how they can best drive around on the job is important for their safety. Hold regular trainings that teach the current best driving practices, such as defensive driving. This will show your workers how they can keep themselves safe and will lower driving-related accidents.

Investing in Organization

Maintaining organization is important for the speed and efficiency of workers, but there are also ways it can improve safety. Aftermarket modifications are great for improving storage organization and keeping workers safe. However, some modifications are better than others. For instance, truck bed slides are better than deck drawers for worker safety.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Service vehicles put on lots of miles while carrying heavy equipment all around your service area. They go through lots of wear in a short amount of time, which causes vehicles to break down during service and put workers in danger. That’s why regular preventative maintenance is important for worker safety, as you prevent these incidents before they happen and keep your workers safe and on the road.

Strict Policy Enforcement

After you put policies in place to enforce rules that keep workers safe, you can’t let things slide. For example, rules about distracted driving or intoxication while driving are there to keep workers safe. If you let your employees disregard the rules, then you might as well not have them in the first place. Develop clear policies and enforce punishments to improve safety for your workers in service vehicles.

While following these recommendations won’t eliminate every risk your workers face, it’ll greatly increase their safety and help them stay on the road. This is worth the investment, as you can save money on worker’s comp and increase morale. Your employees will know you care about them when you protect them.

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Written by Logan Voss

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