Signs You Have a Strong Personal Injury Case

We don’t live in a perfect world—just because you know the defendant was at fault doesn’t mean a court will see it that way. This is especially true if the defendant can secure high-quality legal counsel. However, there are a few things that can sway the court in your favor. Read on to learn a few signs you have a strong personal injury case.

Video or Photo Evidence of the Accident

Judges like to see hard evidence—something that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that things happened the way you say they did. Luckily, we record more than ever before! From dash cams to traffic cameras, there may be a recording of your accident on video. If this evidence shows that the defendant was at fault, you’re sitting pretty.

Defendant Admitted Fault

Sometimes, after a car accident, the person at fault will apologize to the victim, saying something like, “I didn’t see you in the lane—I’m sorry!” This is an admission of fault and it’s something your attorney can use in a courtroom to secure you a more favorable verdict.

Severe Injuries

Judges are always on the lookout for people in court that just want to make a quick buck. The 21st century is a particularly litigious time. Clearing signs of wrongdoing compels judges to take you seriously. As unfortunate as it is, the more severe your injuries are, the better your chances are of winning your case.

Defendant History

Maybe this isn’t the first time the defendant has been responsible for an accident. Repeated offenses paint a picture for the judge.

Now that you know these signs you have a strong personal injury case, make sure you know how to negotiate a personal injury settlement. The stronger your case is, the more the defendant and their counsel will want to avoid court. Negotiate a good settlement for yourself—you deserve it!

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Written by Logan Voss

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