3 Tips for Preserving Your Family Memories

For most individuals, family is a significant pillar in life that fills them with love and appreciation. Often you gather around and share stories, reminiscing on past experiences and embarrassing events!

But after sharing heartfelt stories, you may be in the mood to walk further down memory lane! Whether collecting dust in the attic or tucked away in the basement, it’s safe to say that almost everyone has a box or container harboring family mementos from the past.

While you may think keeping them in these locations protects them from damage, these areas can sometimes succumb to moisture and other conditions that affect a keepsake’s integrity.

Fortunately, you can use these three tips to preserve your family memories to keep those valuables safe for future generations!

Digitize Home Videos

While old tapes and film reels contain many happy moments, they can deteriorate faster than photos. In this case, contact a professional who can convert old VHS tapes to digital files that you can store on your computer’s hard drive or the cloud. Then you can easily share these videos with the whole family.

Record Family Life Stories

While you can preserve photos and videos of family gatherings and events, these images are mere glimpses of complete life stories.

Consider reaching out to family members during future gatherings and asking them about past experiences. Conducting recorded interviews can give you a glimpse into what times were like during past periods while comparing them to the present. Try to interview everyone in the family; you never know what new stories you’ll hear.

Repurpose Baby Clothes

You’re not alone if you find yourself holding onto old baby clothes! Often, parents enjoy keeping their child’s “welcome home” outfit or first birthday dress as a keepsake to share with them as they grow older.

If you love stitching and sewing, you can transform baby clothes into stuffed animals or quilts and gift them to children as they grow older.

Families are unique and share different experiences that shape individuals into who they become. However, those moments don’t have to wither away in a dark basement or attic. By using these tips, you can preserve your family memories so you can revisit these cherished keepsakes for years to come.

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Written by Logan Voss

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