Safety Tips Construction Workers Should Know

The leader of any construction team is responsible for seeing a job through to the end. Ideally, you want the work to go smoothly. A key element of this is minimizing the chance of accidents happening on-site. Here are some important safety tips every construction worker should know.

Provide Proper Safety Training

Before even getting to work, ensure your team has all had proper safety training. Some members may be entirely new to the construction field, so they should learn about common hazards and risks they can encounter on a site. For example, teach them the importance of using caution while doing jobs in high places to prevent falls.

Pro Tip

First-aid kits are vital in emergencies, so keep one handy for you and your team.

Gear Up

Thanks to solid safety training, your workers should know that PPE stands for “proper protective equipment.” Just like you wouldn’t reach into a hot oven without mitts, you shouldn’t let your workers onto the construction site without protective gloves. One important safety tip construction workers should know is that PPE significantly reduces accidents.

Some important gear includes:

  • Hard hats to protect their heads
  • Safety harnesses to protect workers from falls
  • Protective face and eyewear for various jobs, such as sanding or working with chemicals

Maintain Machinery

You should have the right tools for the job. Aside from the ones in your belt and power tools, you also have machinery that optimizes tasks, such as an excavator to dig holes. Ensuring that these machines are well-maintained will keep you and your team safe. This best practice will also enable you to accomplish the job efficiently.

If you hear strange sounds from your equipment, inspect the hardware for potential issues. Here are some instructions on how operators can detect final drive problems in machines that use this technology. Familiarize yourself with the location of this hardware on all your heavy equipment so you can better assist your team while keeping them safe.

Construction supervisors need to keep their teams safe. Proper training and gear will help reduce accidents on-site, as will maintaining machinery. Remember, accidents can result in serious injuries or death, so take all necessary precautions for the well-being of your workers.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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