Fatherhood and Fitness: Workout Tips for Busy Dads

Trying to find the time to work out can be hard enough with a full work schedule and keeping up with family and friends. Throwing in the idea of raising children can turn your entire routine upside down.

Luckily, you can balance the two elements and move toward a lifestyle that works well for you and the family. In this article, you’ll discover a few basics of balancing fatherhood and fitness and explore some workout tips for busy dads.

Creating a Routine That Focuses on Your Goals

As with any objective, you should always start with a plan. Whether you have a partner to help split parenting duties, it helps to determine objectives and strategies that can help you reach your fitness goals.

When creating your workout routine, start by dividing the work over the number of days you have available. For example, if you know you have three days that you can dedicate to exercising, try creating a split schedule that focuses on lower, upper, and total-body movements.

What if you only have two days to dedicate to the gym? No problem! You can establish a two-schedule where you can focus on lower and upper body movements, respectively.

Work Out at Home

In general, parents can have a tough time making it to the gym. Between caring for little ones, doctor and dental appointments, and extracurriculars, you might feel like free moments are far and few between. And after the dust settles, commuting to the gym may not sound like the most fun thing to do.

With the help of basic equipment and gadgets, you can create a designated workout zone where you can run and lift without leaving home.

Exercise With Your Little One

Your little one may also enjoy exercising with you! Hikes, bike rides, or walks can be fantastic options for burning extra calories while spending time with kiddos. Hikes through a forest preserve using a baby carrier are amazing solutions that allow you to move with your baby and reach your goals.

Bikes can connect to totes that can carry your little one, while walks can double as nature exhibitions that entertain young, curious minds. Bodyweight squats while safely carrying children may increase workout intensity while getting a few laughs out of them.

Overall, staying active while parenting is always going to be tough. With fatherhood and fitness, the outcome is going to be unpredictable. However, you can achieve your goals by implementing these busy dad workout tips without missing a beat.

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Written by Logan Voss

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