Tips To Clean and Maintain a Baseball Cap

Hats are a must-have fashion accessory in any wardrobe. However, we can’t wash these accessories the same way we wash the rest of our clothing. Discover the best tips to clean and maintain baseball caps and other hats. These tips and tricks are important, whether you’re a hat buyer or a seller trying to keep their customers informed.

How To Preserve Your Favorite Hat

Hat maintenance is crucial to the longevity of the product. If you have the space at home, storing your headwear properly is key. Keep hats stored in hat boxes or drawers to prevent dust buildup and discoloration.

The most important thing is to keep your hats out of direct sunlight, which can cause them to fade. And when your hat gets a stain or splotch of dirt or debris, the best thing to do is spot-clean it as soon as possible. This helps avoid set-in stains that are harder to remove.

General Washing Instructions

Washing hats by hand is the best way to help them preserve their color and structure. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleaches during the washing process. Warm water and a mild soap can usually tackle dirt, sweat, food, and more.

Start by giving the hat a good soak for about 15 minutes in water mixed with a mild soap or laundry detergent. Then, thoroughly rinse and pat the material dry.

Keep in mind that depending on the type of hat closure and backing material, some caps may be easier to clean than others. For example, mesh hats simply require a quick wipe-down with a bit of water. They also air-dry faster than fabric caps.

What Not To Do

While you might hear claims that you can wash your structured hats in a washing machine or dishwasher, you should avoid these methods. Even on a gentle washing machine cycle, your hats can lose their structure.

Running your hats through the dishwasher is just as damaging, as the bleaches and other chemicals in dishwasher detergents can cause your hats to bleach and fade. Instead, always handle your favorite baseball hats with care and wash them by hand any chance you get.

Hats are long-lasting pieces of merchandise, but they can still get dirty and sustain damage like any other product. Be careful how you display your hats, and remember these tips to clean and maintain your favorite baseball caps when they do get dirty.

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Written by Logan Voss

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