Common Commercial Hand Dryer Problems and Solutions

If you own and operate a building with public lavatories, it’s extremely important to recognize the most common complications that negatively affect commercial hand dryers. Some of these problems are simply due to the public nature of commercial lavatories, such as vandalism and damages. Others, like energy consumption and appliance performance issues, are dependent on the dryer unit itself and the conditions of your building’s electrical power distribution systems. These complications are the most difficult—and costly—to resolve properly.

But which common commercial hand dryer problems can you prevent or solve through affordable, simple solutions? Excess noise, system clogs, and poor hygiene are three issues that impact most hand dryers, and each concern requires specific actions. Read on to learn more about proper hand dryer troubleshooting practices.

Excess Unit Noise

Hand drying units that rattle around and make excessive noise are often dealing with mechanical complications. Specifically, misaligned and loose internal components may be the source of this disruptive sound. Luckily, simply realigning and tightening these parts should resolve the noise issue. If complications persist, you might consider installing sound-dampening materials in the wall behind the mounted drying unit. Mineral wool, fiberglass, mass-loaded vinyl, and cellulose are suitable resources for preventing noise transmission.

Hand Dryer Clogs

Commercial hand dryers experience significant use due to their public locations. With that, it’s common for this repeated use to trigger clogs and blockages inside the unit itself. These clogs are often due to debris accumulation throughout the filters, motors, and other interior components. Hair, dust, paper, and water are the most common blockage culprits and cause significant performance lag for your hand dryer. The only way to prevent debris accumulation from impacting the effectiveness of your restroom appliance is by regularly cleaning your hand dryer. Routinely examining the internal components for clogs ensures better longevity and performance for your unit.

Poor Unit Hygiene

There are many benefits of using hand dryers over paper towel dispensers—they reduce paper waste, lower your business’s carbon footprint, and eliminate restocking costs. However, the drawback associated with commercial hand dryers is their potential for poor hygiene. Complications such as unit clogs introduce moisture and foreign bodies into your hand dryer.

The combination of wet, dark, and warm conditions makes internal hand dryer components breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Without regular cleanings and filter replacements, hand dryers can actually spread illness. Mold growth is another common problem that impacts these appliances and can trigger allergic reactions in certain individuals. Overall, failing to maintain your hand dryer creates a less sanitary restroom environment for everyone.

Understanding the most common commercial hand dryer problems—and their appropriate solutions—ensures a better restroom experience for guests while reducing money spent on repairs and unnecessary appliance replacements.

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Written by Logan Voss

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