Buy or DIY: Metal Surface Powder Coating Services

Certain powder coatings are beneficial to metal surfaces, whether for enhancing the aesthetics of the object or to bolster its protection against extreme temperature changes and atmospheric corrosion. But are metal surface powder coating services worth paying for or doing yourself? Read on to learn whether you should buy or DIY your powder coating processes.

Arguments for DIY

Powder coating for decorative or aesthetic purposes doesn’t require the same level of quality and performance as more industrial applications, like aerospace and defense or automotive manufacturing. With that, smaller arts and crafts items are easy to powder coat from the comfort of your own home and require minimal equipment investment. For example, powder-coating small items for cosmetic enhancement often doesn’t require professional services. And with a DIY project, you have complete control and liability over the coating process, which is personally rewarding for many individuals.

Arguments for Buy

Most people assume DIY tasks and activities are always more affordable than comparable commercially available services. But to ensure the absolute best coating results during the application process, very specific equipment is required, and these tools and devices also happen to be significantly expensive. Pre-made curing ovens are large and carry a hefty price tag, and the resources needed to build a unit yourself are quite costly.

Additionally, the spray applicator gun used in the coating process must be top-of-the-line, with features including digital control, interchangeable nozzle settings, and smooth-surface finishing capabilities, just to name a few. Conversely, professional powder coating businesses charge a one-time labor and resources cost and guarantee the best results thanks to superior tool access, skills, and experience.

The Verdict

Minor, cosmetic-related powder coating projects probably don’t need the experience and equipment that comes with hiring professional services. However, the investment in services is quite worth the price tag for nearly any other powder coating application. Large metal surfaces that demand anti-corrosion and extreme temperature-resistant coatings require expert services and specific tools. These professional coating businesses have access to custom precision coating plugs and other masking tools that most individuals lack.

When debating between buy or DIY, it’s clear that investing in hired metal surface powder coating services is the most practical option for many situations. Never hesitate to reach out to professional powder coating businesses to determine the best solution for your metal surface needs.

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Written by Logan Voss

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