5 Things To Avoid Doing During a Divorce

Ending a marriage is a major decision that impacts the entire family. The divorce process takes you on an emotional roller-coaster, regardless if the split is amicable. In this article, we explain the things to avoid doing during a divorce to lessen the risk of negative outcomes. 

Hiding Financial Information

Hiding financial information from your partner can create resentment and lead to mistrust during a divorce. Even if you’re the one who makes less money, it’s essential to be honest and transparent about all financial aspects. You should include everything in your disclosure, including all your assets, interests, and potential investments, as doing so will help you reach a fair settlement and minimize the chances of litigation.

Discussing Details Online

Keep your life private during a divorce. Avoid discussing details about your life, finances, and relationships with others. It’s also imperative to avoid posting details about your partner, the divorce, or your feelings. 

Understanding how social media can impact divorce proceedingsis essential because anyone can access the information, including your spouse and their legal team. Posting negative comments, insults, or even pictures of new relationships may harm your case and can add fuel to the fire of an already contentious divorce process.

Being Vindictive

Another thing to avoid doing during a divorce is to allow negative emotions to take over. Feeling angry or frustrated is normal, but it shouldn’t influence your actions throughout the case. 

Moreover, reacting impulsively or being vindictive to “get even” can negatively impact your character in court. Avoid bad-mouthing, slandering, or calling out your partner in public, even if they’ve hurt you deeply. Remember, the goal of a divorce is to divide assets, debts, and other obligations in a way that’s fair to both parties, not to take revenge.

Racking Up Debts 

During a divorce, remain mindful of your spending and avoid making major financial decisions without consulting your partner first. You should also avoid taking out more loans or credit cards before the divorce process is complete. Some people rack up debt to get revenge on their ex, but it often backfires and will make you appear untrustworthy. 

Moving on Too Fast

Going through a divorce can be excruciatingly painful, but it’s crucial to take time to heal correctly. While some people might wish to find some semblance of comfort in a new relationship, moving on too quickly isn’t the answer. 

Take the time to heal, recover emotionally and financially, and gradually move on when the time seems right before jumping into a new relationship. Focus on the important things and take care of yourself. You’ll come through it more resilient.

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Written by Logan Voss

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