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How to Spend Raining Day at Home

Wet weather is often associated with boredom, gloom, and usually a bad mood for everyone regardless of age. For the younger ones, it will because they cannot go out to play, swim, or hang out on the grass, and for the older people, the lack of color and cold weather is a definite downer. Maybe when we were younger, rainy weather may have meant a great time throwing stones in puddles, mud sliding, or running through a downpour to get drenched. Now that adulthood has set on, rainy weather is probably the last thing you want to see. However, you will be surprised that there are a whole lot of ways in which you can make the cold weather work for you despite being stuck indoors! Below are some interesting and constructive ways in which you can have fun:

Visit a family member or neighbor

The last thing you probably want to do in rainy weather is to grab a heavy coat, boots, and an umbrella and leave the house. However, if the loneliness is getting to you, step out and interact with a friend, family member, or say hello to the new neighbor who moved in upstairs. If you do not feel like leaving, consider inviting someone over for coffee. Rainy weather is a great time to catch up with an old friend or make a new one.

Board games

Board games are a fun way to jumpstart your mind, get the entire family involved, and have fun! Make it extra special by having your favorite snacks on the table. If you are alone, install a game that you can play against your phone, like checkers, chess, or slots with free spins no deposit. Board games are a healthy and interesting way to make the time pass until the storm breaks.

Read a novel

Do you have an eBook or novel that you have not had time to read? What better time than now to curl up on the sofa with a massive cup of hot chocolate and the book! Submerging yourself in a story or motivational book will also keep your mind’s gears running and make the time pass. Alternatively, you can check out some fun blogs or listen to a podcast.

Get artsy

Do you have any special talents or interests in knitting, painting, crotchet, or any other form of art? Get out your tools and engage your artsy side. You may end up making pieces that you can sell online or gift to a loved one. If rainy weather is bound to persist, make yourself or friend a scarf or sweater. This way, you will divert your mind to someone and something else rather than how much you hate rainy weather!

Fill in a crossword puzzle

Find the newspaper pullout with the daily puzzles and fill some of them out. Challenge your mind and distract yourself from the grayscale atmosphere! You can also download apps with crosswords, codewords, Sudoku, or any other interesting and challenging puzzle. You could even end up developing a new hobby.

Catch up with your favorite TV shows

Rainy weather is the perfect excuse to turn on the TV and scroll through the channels until you find something you enjoy. You can also catch reruns or episodes of your favorite shows or some music videos. A comedy is a surefire way to eliminate the blues that come with the cold, wet weather. Laughter and energy are exactly what you need on a rainy day.

Social media

When you are stuck indoors, you can try what most of us do in waiting lines, on the bus, or even in class: refresh our social media timelines. Say hi to a friend on social media and tag each other in hilarious videos. You can also update your meme collection or make a new friend. If you have any specific interests, such as pets or fashion, find hashtags corresponding to them on Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr and scroll through the posts for some inspiration and entertainment.

Take a nap

One great way to let the dull weather pass is to take a good old nap. Grab your favorite blanket and curl up on the sofa or your bed, when you wake up, you will probably feel refreshed and will be ready to take on all the tasks that the rain stopped you from achieving.

Create a bubble bath

One great way to enjoy the rainy weather is in a tub with some warm water and your favorite soap blend. Slip into the tub and relax as you listen to the sound of the rain. You can add some honey, almond oil, and egg-white to do your skin a whole lot of good.


There is really no end to the ways you can make the rainy weather work out great. You can achieve much and have some fun either alone or with family despite the cold, drab grey weather.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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