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Tech Tips To Building A High-Performing Team In 2020


Technology is a small business owner’s best friend these days. If you are struggling to keep everything organised, especially your teams, then you need to turn to software and technological tools to help you get things sorted out. Technology will help you solve many tangible and intangible problems that previous generations of business owners would have severely struggled with.

It has never been easier to find a useful technological tool to boost your team’s productivity and accountability. If you are looking for the best ways to turn your team into high performers in the coming year, then let’s look at some essential tech tips that you can use to build a high-performing team in 2020.

Use Online Timesheet Software

These days, it is easier than ever to keep your teams accountable and your payroll information up to date. With online timesheet software, including Deputy’s team scheduling software, you can effectively delegate the task of inputting timekeeping data to your employees themselves. To verify this information, you can simply log into the platform and view it from anywhere in a convenient and flexible way.

Not only will you make your HR department much happier, but you will free up a lot of your own time as a manager if you choose to automate this essential business task in the coming year.

Try Project Management Software

High-performing teams typically have a continual awareness of where they stand in terms of the bigger picture of a project. With project management software, you can easily provide a platform for you, as a manager, and your teams to see what projects are currently being completed by your business, who has been assigned to work on specific components of these projects, and how this work is progressing. This makes the task of sorting out productivity and accountability much easier than ever before.

Keep In Touch

Email and SMS are great for some forms of business communication, but they can be unwieldy if you need to reach your entire team easily and openly. Finding and using a dedicated communication software platform will allow you to not only stay in touch with your team but will also provide an open forum for discussion and brainstorming among your teams. This will certainly boost the creativity and collaborative aspects of work done among your teams.

Keep An Eye On Your Employees

While there is a fine balance between going too far in terms of employee privacy, many businesses are turning to employee monitoring software in order to ensure that their teams are focused on the task at hand when they are supposed to be working. With this software, you can easily view what any employee on a given network is looking at. You might earn a reputation for being a bit Big Brother, but this mild surveillance can significantly boost productivity through the Hawthorne effect.

Ensure Your Deliveries Are On Time

If you run a delivery business, or if worrying about your delivery fleet takes up a lot of your time as a manager or business owner, then it is worthwhile to invest in GPS fleet management technology. These software and devices allow you to track any vehicles within your fleet to gauge where they are, how long the deliveries are taking, and whether any improvements can be made to make the system more productive.

Start The New Year Off Right

Moving into the new year as a business owner is a good time to reflect on how best to optimise your teams and your business processes. Look through the tips outlined here for some initial inspiration and enjoy the benefits of enhanced productivity and accountability among your teams.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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