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5 of the Most Memorable Football Matches

There are certain world events that are so significant; we can recall exactly where we were when we found out about them. Then there are football matches which we may not have been there to watch but we know about anyway purely because they were one of the best played.

Of course, this is all the subject of considerable debate – one person’s triumph can be another’s travesty. Whatever games you would put in yours, you can preserve the memory forever in your home with a top-class print from North Section Terrace Menswear. Make a stylish addition to your house this year for the game you love – browse the collection now. But, for now, here is our collection of most memorable matches.

Our Top 5

1. 1999 UEFACL Final, Manchester United 2 Bayern Munich 1

The stakes were high for both teams in this Champions League final and the backdrop could not have been more impressive, situated at Barcelona’s Nou Camp. Manchester United was going for a treble-winning season, having already won the Premier League and the FA Cup. In contrast, Bayern Munich had already won the Bundesliga and was in the final of the DFB-Pokal.

They’d already played each other in the group stages, so the world watched with bated breath as the game began. Two of United’s key players were previously absent from the line-up thanks to previous suspensions, so the odds were against them from the start. An early goal for Bayern seemed to be the writing on the wall until not one but two incredible goals from United in injury time, meaning they stormed to victory at the last second!

2. 1966 FIFA World Cup Final, England 4 Germany 2

So notorious, we still reference this game today and with a staggering 4-2 win over West Germany, why wouldn’t we? A game played when Germany was still divided by the Berlin Wall, and when relations were still being repaired, there was more to this victory than the scores on the board.

The game itself is the reason why it is so well-remembered. The hat-trick from Geoff Hurst remains the only one ever seen in a FIFA World Cup Final, and the England team also gained the ‘wingless wonders’ nickname after their 4-4-2 formation.

3. Premier LeagueFinal 2012, Manchester City 3 QPR 2

Another victory secured in injury time and what a triumph – the first for Manchester City in 44 years. Manchester United was in sniffing distance of the trophy only for these two goals deep into stoppage time secure them the League win thanks to the points difference!

4. Champions League Final 2005, Liverpool 3 AC Milan 3 (3-2 on pens)

We’ll never know exactly what was said to the Liverpool team at half-time in the dressing room but their performance in the second half saw them equalise with AC Milan who was 3-nil up. All delivered within 5 minutes, it was an exciting time, but neither team could push on to a fourth, meaning penalties were inevitable. Nail-biting until the bitter end for the Italians and a remarkable result for the Liverpool fans.

5. World Cup Semi-Final 1982, West Germany 3 France 3 (5-4 on pens)

Germany were 3-1 down only to pull it back at the last minute. Four goals in extra-time and a penalty shootout – games don’t get much more dramatic than this! It was so incredible that the French captain considers it his ‘most beautiful game’. It’s widely considered to be one of the best World Cup matches ever played.

These are the five matches we have selected as the most memorable, and if we missed one you think should have cut, put a comment below. There may well be a follow-up article to make amends if we’ve lost a crucial one!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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