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Welcome The New Decade With These Worthy Personal Investments

Can you believe we’re past the 2010s? This is the start of the new decade, and for some, it’s a symbolic turn – a chapter closed a new one opening. So to commemorate this milestone, getting yourself a worthy investment – we’re talking personal items here to signify what’s to come for you – can be a life-affirming choice.

Of course, you shouldn’t just buy run of the mill knick knacks to celebrate yourself and the promise of a new decade, it should carry a lot of emotional and personal weight. Something sturdy, something that inspires you when you look at it, drives you to make your life even better. We’ve collated just the right personal investments so you can live a better life:

A mechanical watch

Mechanical watches are getting the novelty rap each passing day, and in this world where smartwatches are the new norm, it’s high time that you get yourself a mechanical watch — an automatic movement at that, to be specific. A mechanical watch never needs a battery as most will harness the power of your arm swing to generate the ticking the watch needs to work.

A mechanical watch is expensive – sure, but trust us when we say that it’s going to last you a lifetime. As the infamous Patek Philippe advert said, “You never actually own a Patek. You merely look after it for the next generation.” Getting a mechanical watch will save the reiterative updates that smartwatch companies will thrust upon you year after year.

So what to get? Depending on your budget, there are a few recommendations that are worth their prices. A Rolex is a classic, as is an Omega. If you’re looking for best watches under 1000, a Seiko or an entry-level Citizen should do. Look for in-house mechanical movements, water resistance, and, if possible, sapphire crystal.

A new laptop

Most work today is done on computers. If you are still working on a desktop, it’s high time that you switch to laptops. It’s convenient, powerful, and you can bring it anywhere. Getting a new laptop is especially on brand with the new generation workforce who telecommute. If you’re one of them – a content writer, a website developer, etc. – getting a new laptop is undoubtedly one of the best investments you’ll do.

Even if you don’t work in these industries, you’ll still need a personal laptop. Are you a businessman still using a netbook? That won’t do. Save yourself the hassle and bring yourself into the new millennia. For creatives, the new Macbook Pro 16” is a great steal. If you’re a Windows guy, anything from Dell and Asus should be fine.

A short course

It doesn’t need to be a full degree. Just a short course say a hobby that you want to be good at. Take, for example, gardening, or Photoshop, even woodworking. The goal here is that you invest in yourself. And education and further learning are two of the best ways to enrich what you already have.

Getting a short course is continuing education. There is no such thing as a complete package – only the illusion of it. So go ahead and take the plunge. Learn something new. Be passionate about it, and maybe – just maybe, you’ll make money from it. Either way, you’re investing in yourself, so that’s a sure win no matter what.


There is something to be said about bettering yourself. They say that the best investment you can make is to be a better you every year, and the next ten years or so will mold that, reinvigorate it, and shape it like no other. Millennials, especially, are now entering their 20’s and it’s going to be one of the most exciting decades in the life they will live. So go ahead, indulge yourself.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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