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6 Cheap and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your AR -15

It’s all fun and games when you discuss upgrading your rifle accessories, but how many of you really go out and get it upgraded? Either the process seems too complex or it is far too expensive. Fret not, here are 6 parts of an AR-15 we think can be a great choice to upgrade without breaking the bank or draining your energy researching and worrying. .

The beauty of AR-15 is its tweaking function; so many of its parts can be interchanged without having to go out and buy a new rifle with better features. You can frequently work on its performance, precision, and reliability in the comfort of your own home. So keep reading further to find out what hassle-free and inexpensive upgrades could be made to your rifle.

1. Back-Up Sights

Your accuracy depends on the condition of your sight, period. This is why you need a back-up sight for your AR-15, so that you can use it whenever and whatever the situation comes for you to require better precision. Several types of sights exist, but you need only the one that is long-lasting, precise on the mark and easy to use so that you will not have to worry about changing it or question its impact on the other gun parts in the long run.

Apart from the “red dot” or the usual scope, back-up front sights can be used as a safety net because you never know when you may need it. So, why not be prepared and have no regrets later? If you do not want to work on the front sights, you can customize the rear sights as well. They are compact and easy to use. So you can use them whenever your red dot or scope fails, or if you want a change of preference.

There are several types of sights designed for certain usages. For example, if you are upgrading your rifle for home defense, you would need sights that provide fast target recognition and precise shooting in darker areas. For competitive shootings or hunting, you would need sights that can be adjusted to your specific situational needs. This is where the flip-up front and rear sights are a perfect choice.

Although steel or polymer sights are the best option when it comes to quality sights, nothing beats iron sights in terms of durability. For the best ar 15 iron sights, Huntingmark has a wide range of options. Iron sights can perform sublimely even in the most challenging environments.

2. Protective Coating enforces the importance of protective coating if you live in places where the rifle is exposed to constant moisture and friction. An even layer of Duracoat or Cerakote will protect the rifle from corroding by acting like a protective layer between the environment and the rifle surface

Choosing a color that can help with camouflaging will further help with tactical usage. If you do it by yourself, you will be saving at least $200-$300 more than hiring someone else to do it. However, you will have to be very precise and careful with the layering as it can be ruined easily.

3. Upgraded Grip

If your grips are uncomfortable, no matter how many upgrades you make your AR-15 will still feel foreign and impersonal to you. If you are someone who uses rifles on a regular basis, changing to a comfortable grip will provide a very significant difference.

The common A2 grip that comes with most of the AR-15’s can be a pain for people with larger hands and will have to constantly adjust their hand positions for the digging hard plastic knot on middle fingers. You can get grips that are steeply angled if you feel that the grip is too small for your hands. The cost of this upgrade is just a few dollars.

4. Anti-Rotational Pins

Long term use of one AR-15 can cause wear and tear around the perforations of the rifles. This is because the pressure of the trigger often causes the hammer pins to come loose. If you are in a situation that may require rapid-fire, chances are the pinks will come off every now and then.

Guns & Ammo advises investing a few bucks on anti-rotational pins. These pins ensure that the trigger and hammer pins are fixed in one place. If fastened tightly (and properly of course), these pins would not even nudge a bit, helping you get more control over the rapid-fire rounds.

5. New Stock

If you have collapsible stocks, chances to upgrade them for better functionality is higher than the fixed stocks. When upgrading stocks, look for replacements that will fit your buffer tube accurately.

Also, consider factors like the weight of the barrel and other attachments that may exist on the gun. Guns with heavy fronts may require stocks that will help balance out the overall weight and not make it too heavy to operate

6. New Trigger

The trigger is one of the parts of the gun which is the most important and yet the manufacturers overlook it as the lowest priority, and so does the gun owners. A cheap mil-spec trigger will get a less than standard job, but upgrading it to a better trigger will elevate the shot aspect way up high.

Triggers that are too much stacked or are not consistent will cause your shots to be placed inconsistently. Investing in a better trigger will help with the precision easily and will hit exactly at the aimed targets.

Final Words

Upgrades and replacements aside, a good steady hand is important as well. Even the experienced ones will shoot better with the non-upgraded fussy rifles while the amateurs will struggle despite the state-of-the-art upgrades. Nevertheless, that should not discourage you, as you can always learn to “aim” for perfection.

We hope these cheap and easy tips to upgrade your AR-15 will help you to protect your home and family, as well as enjoy those friendly shooting games with your buddies comfortably. As always, continue to be a responsible gun owner and enjoy safely.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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