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Blockchain Is The Future: George Gilder’s Report

 The George Gilder Report costs a $19 yearly membership fee. You will get an abundance of resources along with an interactive learning experience.

Investors get insight into future trends. The most crucial objective is to learn from Gilder’s new book, Life after Google.

The book shows us the near future where the technology sector has new top contenders. Whether you are an investor or an average citizen, the book will open doors.

Blockchain technology will become a new world system. It is much more than just an alternate currency. It is a security system that ensures privacy and ownership of information.

You won’t have to give out all your private data to access your information from clusters of data. Gilder thinks that Blockchain technology will make big money in the market.

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Who Is George Gilder?

A quarter of a century ago, George Gilder gave an accurate prediction about modern technology. He is an essential public intellectual in our country, inspiring the greatest for four decades.

Gilder is the author of 19 books. Some notable books are Wealth After Poverty and Knowledge And Power.

His newest book is Life After Google. The George Gilder Report is all about harvesting knowledge from this book.

It talks about the downfall of Big Data and the ascending Blockchain economy.

Life After Google

In this book, Gilder calls Google neo-Marxist. In other words, Google is repeating Marx’s error with higher technology.

Physical Restraint

The era of google and putting big data into clouds is facing physical restraint. The clouds are not clouds; instead, it is a factory of computers consuming physical space. Hydropower and cooling properties of rivers cool Google operations.


Gilder talks about older world systems that are functional to a certain extent. From math to programming, times have brought the world systems. Google is the new one that uses clouds and big data to facilitate the masses.

Google is ruling now, but it is not the last world system. Blockchain technology is next to the throne.

Free Services

Amazingly, we can use cloud storage or send emails for free. Grinder argues that the concept of “free” is a lie. It avoids the price system, customer credibility, and security.

By giving away products for free, Google attacks the heart of capitalistic growth.

Advertising Is Not Viable

Google draws revenue from advertising; however, almost all advertising is undesirable. Even the clicks that do register are mostly accidental – this is a system that is not sustainable.

Lack Of Security

The lack of security is the most fundamental flaw in a business model and will be Google’s downfall. The new world system will learn from this mistake and make security the core of the business model.

Security will be so crucial that the new era will have its name after it. Cryptocosm is what Gilder likes to call it.


Cryptocosm is a new architecture for the internet and, eventually, the world economy. The current internet architecture strips us of our private information. It is not the right way to validate the authenticity of identity.

In the era of Cryptocosm, blockchain technology will give us an undecipherable id. It will be as unique as DNA.


Blockchain is a new security architecture for the internet. It ensures that you keep your information to your self.

Originally it was a new form of money, but now it is much more. It gives you an immutable record for accurate documentation.

So your data stays private, but if you need to prove yourself innocent, you will have proper documentation.

Gilder thinks that the ultimate resource is the man and not the product of man. He believes Cryptocosm will empower the person and not artificial constructs.


Ethereum is new blockchain technology. The man behind it is Vitalik Buterin. It is a unique global computing platform, programming language, and currency that is doing all the right things.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a terrific human extension, but Gilder does not think that it will usurp the human mind. No machine is going to be able to enjoy a surprise as a human mind does.

Regardless, it is going to be a hot commodity that will sell well. The earning prospects are vast for investors. Many companies will collaborate to make AI available.

Smart Cities

The internet of things has the potential to automate on a micro and mass scale. Cities will be smarter, whether it is at home, at work, or at the hospital. We will also have driverless cars and internet speeds that download GBs per second.

5G providers and stakeholders will make a lot of money. These companies include chipmakers, smartphone manufacturers, and software development companies.

The George Gilder Report

The George Gilder report will show you the future of the internet, the tech industry, the market, and the economy.

Even if you are not an investor yet, The George Gilder Report will guide you well. It will show you which companies are going in the right direction. You will also see that some of the reigning powers are wasting resources in futureless pursuit.

Other than information on the market, you will also get a lot of tips to guide you.

The best part of the George Gilder Report is the exclusive access to the book Life After Google. You will have the scope to interact while learning from the masterpiece.

The price is 19 dollars a year, or 29 dollars for 2. subscribe to this report and learn from the best.

Final Thoughts

Gilder shows us a future beyond Google. He says that blockchain technology will soon take over.

The new world system will be completely secure. Private information stays private while you are on the internet.

The George Gilder Report will shed light on future money makers. For this reason, investors will be wise to the report and read the book Life After Google.

The price of the subscription is $19 for a year and $29 for two. We hope that you anticipate the future and act accordingly.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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