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Top 8 Airport Travel Tips to Know Before Your Trip

 You removed all metal items, you’re ready to pass through, and you slightly hold your breath as you walk through the metal detector.

RED. Something isn’t right, and now you’ve found yourself going back and forth several times trying to find what’s setting it off.

You finally get through, and now you’re running out of time. You have to find your boarding gate, and now the panic sets in. You’re rushing, sweating, and worried about missing your flight.

Planning a trip via plane requires you to know all the best airport travel tips. With some of the best airport tips in your back pocket, you won’t have to worry about boarding a plane under stress.

Continue reading below for our list of air travel tips you need to know about!

1. Place All Flight Documents Together

Depending on where you’re traveling to, you might need your passport and a few other documents as well. For all flights, however, you’ll need your boarding pass and your photo I.D. Before leaving for the airport, make sure you have all the documents needed to board your flight and to arrive at your destination.

Once you have all of your items together, keep them in one single place. Use a folder or envelope if needed to ensure everything stays together. When it’s time to show these documents at the airport, you won’t have to scramble at the last minute trying to locate them.

This will help make the process much simpler and quicker.

2. Arrive With a Few Hours to Spare

Know what time your flight boards and then arrive at the airport with a few hours to spare. Although this seems like more than enough time, you’ll find that giving yourself a few hours at the airport before you board evens out to perfect timing.

Call and schedule your car service to airport terminals and let the company know what time your flight is at. If you’re not sure how early you should leave, they might be able to give you some advice.

There are ways to speed up the process, however. You can check-in via mobile apps for the airline you’re flying with. This will save you from having to wait in the check-in line, but if you’re bringing checked bags with you, you’ll still need to wait in line to check those in.

You also never know where a complication might arise. If there’s an issue with your bags, with security, with your passport, or something else, the plane isn’t going to wait for you. Give yourself enough time to handle any complications with time to spare.

3. Know the Bag Rules and Regulations

Each airport and airline will have different rules regarding luggage. Some airlines allow bags to weigh a certain amount while others don’t. Some airlines allow free personal bags, 1 per each person, while others don’t.

Most airlines have specific rules and restrictions also on the amount and size of liquids that you can bring in your carry-on and checked luggage, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with these regulations ahead of time. This can help ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience avoiding any unexpected surprises or inconveniences during your journey. For example, understanding how much liquid to take on a plane can save you from having to discard your toiletries at the security checkpoint.

Speak with the airline you’re traveling with ahead of time to be 100% sure of all their bag rules and regulations. If certain weights or sizes come into play, don’t take this lightly.

Weigh all your bags, and measure all your bags because the last thing you want is to be turned down at the gate or check-in.

4. Layer Up to Save Room

Does your bag weigh too much? Do you not have enough room to fit everything you need into the number of bags you’re bringing? A great trick is to layer up on clothing.

Wear double tank tops, a few shirts, and two jackets if needed. Find the bulkiest pair of shoes you’re bringing and wear those shoes on the plane. This will all save you room in your bag.

5. Fill in Departure Information on Your Passport

If you’re traveling outside of the country, then you should fill in the departure information on your passport ahead of time. If you don’t have everything filled out, you could be sent back to the end of the line until it’s completed.

You might also be left rushing to fill it out with a line of people behind you. Don’t forget to do this before you even get into the line.

6. Prepare to Go Through Metal Detectors

Everyone knows you have to go through metal detectors before finding the boarding gate. Prepare for this process, because it’s a process. Remove all jewelry, belt buckles, cellphones, and other metals or electronics from your pockets.

Place everything in one pocket of your carry-on bag. If you do this before getting in line for security, you should have no problem going right through. Failure to do this could lead to complications and a lengthy hold-up.

7. Locate Your Boarding Gate ASAP

Once you get through security, locate your boarding gate ASAP. Sure, you have a few hours to spare, but you’ll want to know exactly where the gate is before you start exploring the airport. Head straight to the boarding gate and then find a store or restaurant nearby to waste some extra time at.

Remember to keep track of the time as well. Once it starts getting closer to the boarding time, you’ll know exactly where to go.

8. Purchase All Flight Necessities

While browsing in the nearby stores, be sure to take this time to purchase all your flight necessities. You might want to grab a few drinks and snacks. The drinks and snacks offered on the plane will be limited, small portions, and expensive.

Get what you can from the airport stores if you didn’t bring your own snacks. You should also pick up any nausea medicine, stomach medicine, headache medicine, or any other type of medication you might need during the flight.

Don’t Forget These Airport Travel Tips the Next Time You Travel

The next time you’re planning a trip via plane, make sure to use these airport travel tips. Keep these tips in your back pocket to help you better prepare for quick and safe travels.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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