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“CBD Wax Dab”

Though CBD in its many forms is quickly becoming a staple for most people as well as animals in a therapeutic capacity, there continue to be innovations in the market on a regular basis in an effort to strengthen the case for the substance’s efficacy as well as to improve its properties.

Some people suffer extreme levels in regard to symptoms associated with their health ailments, conditions, or disorders. The standard method for consuming the compound is via oil tincture, placing the dosed drops under the tongue.

These products range in strengths that are determined based on symptom level. But for those with extraordinary circumstances, even the most potent oils deem insufficient to calm their suffering. And then there is CBD’ dabbing.’ Read about the potential benefits and downsides of this relatively new practice here.

What Is ‘Dabbing’ CBD?

Dabbing is a relatively new concept with cannabidiol or CBD. It’s essential to understand; this administration is not possible with CBD oils. To dab, you incorporate a concentration specifically manufactured for the process that comes in various forms like ‘resins,’ ‘waxes,’ or ‘shatters.’

Most of these cannabidiol concentrates derive from hemp, which is located throughout the entire plant like the buds, leaves, and the stem where THC is primarily found in the flower of marijuana. THC is the element that creates the intoxicating effect associated with marijuana. There is little to none in the hemp plant.

Raw hemp plant material is used to extract pure, organic CBD resin for a rich concentrate. Using the appropriate extraction method done in just the right way will result in a concentration of CBD that is ultra-potent with a consistency that is sticky, ‘gooey,’ and thick. Depending on the texture, you will have a ‘wax,’ butter, shatter, etc. all of which you can vaporize using a ‘dab rig.’

Dabbing With A Dab Rig

For you to use concentrates that come in wax forms, you need a ‘dab rig.’ These come in a broad range of sizes or styles that would suit any preference. Check online for information regarding the CBD waxes and the rigs at You’ll find most suppliers to be particularly helpful in providing information, especially to those who are new to the products and the administration process.

Also, the nails range in different varieties. This is the rig component where the vaping action occurs. Make sure to ask questions if you are unsure of something. You should never attempt any formula if you are insecure about the procedure.

Incorporating CBD Concentrates For Your Health Regimen

Whether you opt for CBD-rich hemp-derived or THC cannabis products, dabbing provides an exceptionally more potent consumption than the average oil substances. If you employ cannabidiol oils or products like edibles or topicals into your regimen with adequate results, it is unnecessary to increase the level of your dosing through dabbing.

Those people who make the change to CBD wax dabs have minimal results from the strengths associated with the oil tinctures. For these people, it is not recommended to start at a high intensity with the concentrate.

The suggestion for those new to the practice is only to take a single hit in the beginning and bump up gradually. As was mentioned, and should be emphasized, the CBD wax method is exceptionally potent with vast differences from the oils and, according to claims, even regular smoking. Because of the strength, it could take the user off guard with its surprising effects if unprepared.

Final Thought

While people who struggle with extreme symptoms associated with health-related conditions, ailments, or disorders, including anxiety, pain, or depression, among other medical challenges, see CBD wax dabs as a solution when they receive little success with oils, this is not considered an acknowledged method for severe medical solutions.

It’s vital to seek a consultation with a regular primary care physician for guidance if you are suffering from severe symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorder, or any other medical challenges to receive the optimum in care for your needs.

Physicians will always listen and attempt to incorporate whichever natural compounds patients show interest in for their treatment plan, but it’s not wise to try to self-treat serious ailments. There is never a substitute for solid medical advice when it comes to your overall safety and long-term wellness.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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