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Enough Is Enough: When Is It Time to Hire a Debt Collection Attorney?

The cumulative consumer debts in the United States are more than $14.1 trillion.

Clearly, you are not the only person with consumer debt. Be it a personal loan, student loan, or credit card, debts are common, and they shouldn’t make someone else take advantage of you.

If you are receiving any form of harassment from the debt collector or creditor, you should inform your debt collection attorney immediately to help you.

The lawyer can advise you on what to do and help you initiate a lawsuit for the culprits if they are harassing you illegally. Here are apparent signs that you should hire a debt collection lawyer.

1. Your Creditor Is Harassing You

Harassment is the leading red sign that you should hire a debt collection lawyer.

When you fail to pay the loan, the creditor forwards your personal details to the debt collection agency. The role of the agency is to persuade you to pay the loan to avoid legal repercussions.

However, some collection agencies can be a bit rough. They can scare you, call relentlessly, or even use abusive words to you. Others may try to pass physical insults to you or harass your family members.

This is unacceptable. The consumer law requires all debt collectors to handle the borrower with respect by observing the ethical practices.

For instance, the debt collector should not call you at the wee hours. They should also not visit your workplace to threaten you. If you feel that the collecting agency is harassing you in any way, then you need to inform your lawyer immediately.

But before then, you will need to collect enough evidence to show that the agency is indeed harassing you. Your evidence can be in the form of the late-night call recordings, videos, and so on.

2. You Don’t Have the Capacity to Repay the Loan

Things happen. Maybe, you were sure that you would repay the loan in time when you applied for it. You even agreed to the terms and conditions of the loan, hence the approval.

But perhaps, things have taken the wrong turn, and you can’t repay the loan in time. Not that you don’t intend to repay it, but that you are not in the right capacity to repay it.

You might have been declared bankrupt, you could be sick, or a severe life-threatening event could have affected you. In that case, the best action would be to seek the help of a debt collection attorney.

It would not be helpful to play the hide and seek game because you might bring more problems to the case.

The lawyers have excellent negotiation skills. They can sweet talk the collection agent into reducing the loan amount or even extending the repayment period.

The best consumer protection attorney can review your loan agreement and the amount you took to help you make an informed decision. Be sure to provide the right information regarding the loan so that you can get help.

3. The Credit/Debt Collector Wants to Sue You

Typically, the creditor will want to sue you after a while if you don’t keep your promise. At times, the collector might also what to sue you illegally.

In either way, you should seek the help of a debt collection lawyer. Lawsuits are quite severe, and you can get into more trouble if you avoid or escape them. Even worse, you may end up in jail or incur hefty fines for failing to comply with the law.

A great debt collection lawyer can represent you in court. They can attach strong evidence to prove that you intend to pay the loan in time. The lawyer can also provide a handy help if you have a busy working schedule and can’t get the time to attend to a lawsuit or make the appeals.

So, don’t be stressed because the creditor wants to sue you. Also, don’t start to issue threats to the creditor because the threats can be used against you in court. Handle the case professionally by hiring a great lawyer.

4. The Creditor Is Stressing You to Pay a Loan You Didn’t Take

It’s not uncommon to get frequent calls from debt collectors asking for money you don’t know about. Even if you have multiple loans, you will always know your loans and the remaining balance. An unpaid loan accusation would therefore be enough reason to seek the help of a lawyer.

There are many reasons why the creditor may be asking you for the money. Maybe, a mistake happened on the creditor’s side, hence the frequent calls you are receiving.

You could also be a cyber-theft victim, meaning that someone else applied for the loan using your personal details.

The situation can be stressful, but a good lawyer can ease your worries. The lawyer can make the right follow-ups to know the cause of the issue and clear your name.

5. The Debt Collectors Are Asking for a Higher Amount

Is your debt collector asking you for a higher amount than what you should pay? If so, then you need a lawyer.

As an informed debtor, you should always keep a record of all the debts you own. Your records should include the amount you took, the remaining loan balances, and the due dates.

With proper records, you can easily spot any mistakes that happen on the creditor’s side. And when you spot the error, you should inform the creditor to make the right changes on their side.

But if they still insist you are wrong, then a lawyer would be your last option. The attorney can protect your rights to ensure that you don’t become a victim of the debt increment.

Know Your Rights: Consult a Debt Collection Attorney

Do the above signs seem familiar to you? Are you experiencing any of them? If yes, take legal action immediately.

Consult a great debt collection attorney to advise you on the way forward.

You may also consult the legal expert for any other reasons not mentioned above, provided that they are debt-related, and they are stressing you. The debt collection help will provide a solution to your troubles and give you the peace of mind you need.

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