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This Winter Be Practically Stylish – Men’s Style Guide

Believe it or not, winters can be the hottest season of the year as far as men’s fashion wear is concerned. This beautiful albeit chilly weather brings some incredibly stylish must-haves to men’s wardrobe that keeps them warm and makes them look dapper.

It is true when snow falls most men throw fashion and style out of the window and opt for practical warmth, instead. This guide is dedicated to helping men balance personal style with practicality and enjoy this winter in vogue. These trendy essentials are warm and are bound to inspire you enough to set trends in the extreme icy temperatures.

Leather Jacket

It wouldn’t be an understatement to call this particular article of clothing a legend. This timeless jacket is extremely versatile and looks elegant, casual, trendy, and even formal; based on the clothes you pair it with. Perfect for every event and occasion, if you have this toasty cover-up in your wardrobe, then you can never go wrong.

Custom Neck Gaiters

Neck gaiters are back in town and are here to stay for the season. Gaiters are essentially bandanas with a closed tube of fabric that can be used as a face cover. These versatile pieces will keep your neck warm and protected against the harsh frigid weather, provide insulation, and looks extremely chic with casual and formal wear. The custom printed gaiters by 4inbandana are the most popular “thing.”

With your very own prints and artwork, you can have the brand prepare gaiters that are an utter manifestation of your style statement.

Suede Boots

When talking about practicality, you cannot miss this amazing footwear. Suede boots give a tough competition to more commonly worn leather boots. Since they are sported frequently by the masses the boots look stylishly novel and attractive when worn with a semi-formal outfit.

These water-resistant and weatherproof boots are tough on the outside and luxuriously soft from the inside. Once you own a pair you will look for excuses to wear this pair. Check these best vegan boots for men.

Black Corduroy Trousers

Black is the ultimate winter color; and this winter owning a pair of black corduroy trousers is a must. These are economical and comfortable, you’ll look chic whether you plan to dress up for a formal meeting or dress down for a bonfire night out with friends.

Black Jeans

Who doesn’t own this wardrobe staple? We all love plain black jeans as it gets the job done easily. Whether you want to sport a rebellious look, be gentlemanly handsome, or just want to look stylish without much work, black jeans will get all the jobs done easily.

Woolen Blazer/Jacket

Easily mix the casual and formal this winter with a woolen blazer. This upper will immediately take your formal button dress shirt to the next level. You are bound to look debonair and strikingly handsome. The woolen fabric will keep you warm while you look “cool” to the onlookers. Sport this amazing article of clothing in fancy dinners on a chilly night; enjoy delicious warm food adorning the woolen jacket for a luxurious feel.

Turtleneck shirt

Casually sophisticated, this winter essential can completely transform your look. You can wear it under your jackets, blazers and even under formal coats. This simple high-neck t-shirt looks fantastic on its own, too. Just wear dark-colored turtlenecks with trousers or dress pants in lighter shades to look iconic.

Hence proven, winter fashion can be extremely warm in a cool way if you choose the right items for the season. The stylish attire can be practical, comfortable, and cozy if your purchases for the season are sensible and well thought-through. Enjoy the chill!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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