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Secure a Win With these Betting Tips

Betting is notoriously a hard gig. High risk and with little leeway for mistakes, it can be tough. Whether you are new to betting or a seasoned veteran, knowing what selection to make can cause grief. But what if you had some handy tips to help you make those decisions and secure a big win for some healthy bookie bashing and the chance to walk away with a nice bit of profit? Well, that’s what we are here for. Here’s a helpful guide on how to secure a win with these betting tips.


Knowing odds in and out is basic but so important when it comes to betting, whether in the bookies or online with sites like Infogol. Odds are essentially the bookies prediction on how likely something is. So with lower odds, such as 2/6, the chances of the selection winning are higher. With longer odds such as 30/1 the selection is viewed as an outsider and has less chance of winning. But knowing how the odds shape up and doing research surrounding the odds is important. Other factors are at play when it comes to sports betting and whilst there are favourites, there are external factors which affect competitors and could adversely see your ‘safe’ bet go out the window. Nuances such as final games where anything could happen such as FA Cup finals or the Superbowl are examples of games which could see anything happen and typical betting ‘favourites; with short odds get beat. On top of this, favourites are not always the most favourable option when it comes to betting. Take horse racing, for instance, this sport sees outsider horses win the race two out of three times. This means you have more chance of winning on an outsider than a favourite! Understanding odds but also being aware of their nuances is an important first step when it comes to betting. Also, keep in mind that sites like Bitcoin Bookies 2022 can help you understand more about how to bet safely with cryptocurrency. 

Types of Bet

Being tactical about which type of bet you are placing is another often overlooked betting tip. Many punters often bet on accumulators and coupons every weekend with high odds and low chance that have as much chance of winning as the lottery – which is not a lot. Instead, being tactical about your bet type, using promotions, specific types such as Each-Way bets and keeping it simple can really benefit your betslip. Instead of aiming for the stars, why not take it easy and make your wins secure and frequent? Betting on singles or doubles is much more realistic than 10 fold accumulators. By giving yourself a bigger chance at winning you are more likely to walk away with constant profits rather than always losing and getting a lucky win here and there.


The most important feature of selecting a bet is doing the research. That is why nowadays online tipsters are so popular because these guys do the hard research work for you. Instead of slogging away for hours deliberating over racecards or form history, these guys do it for you. But this is a pivotal part of gambling. Knowing what you are betting on, studying the racecard, paddock, season form, specific player performances or understanding historical importance are all part of the ins and outs of securing a win with betting. Research is your most powerful tool when betting. Form is crucial in sports and plays a big role when it comes to those winning. As such it’s something you really need to understand as a bettor, from horses to footballers. Likewise, the on-the-day conditions are also important. Grass types, weather, how the horse looks in the parade ring, or whether players are injured really does make a difference and are all things that need to be considered before you go punting your hard-earned cash on betting selections. By doing your research you can lessen the chance of losing and make your bet much more secure for a big win and some healthy profits.

Of course, luck plays a role, sometimes it’s just not your day. You can’t win them all as they say. But try not to leave it up to luck. Do your research and know these tips so that you can secure a win and beat those bookies.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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